Colby Covington Boasts WWE ‘Is Worth Double The UFC’

Colby Covington
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Colby Covington has been very vocal about some of his grievances with the UFC.

The former interim UFC welterweight champion has often compared the treatment between the UFC’s athletes and WWE’s. Speaking on “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” earlier today (Mon. April 22, 2019), Covington teased that he is “definitely” on the WWE’s radar:

Covington also took a shot at his current employer by saying that the WWE is worth “double” what the UFC is at the moment:

This isn’t the first time Covington has compared the UFC and WWE. Earlier this month, Covington spoke out about how much better WWE stars are financially compensated than UFC fighters. He also said that WWE stars get health insurance and retirement benefits, something the UFC does not provide fighters.

If Covington does eventually decide to join the professional wrestling world, he’s certainly a good fit. He has the legitimate athletic background WWE strives for, and also has a personality that will certainly get a reaction from fans – good or bad. For the time being, “Chaos” is still focused on capturing UFC gold. He’s expected to be Kamaru Usman’s first challenger for the 170-pound title.