John Kavanagh knows Conor McGregor better than most, and the Irishman’s longtime head coach recently said that McGregor, as well as himself, is ‘100% confident’ that he’ll score a victory over Floyd Mayweather in their upcoming boxing match on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas:

“I believe we have a number of advantages going into this fight,” Kavanagh wrote for The 42. “Often, people who are experts in a certain field will tell you that it can actually be more awkward to deal with somebody who’s not from the same field. They’d rather deal with the top contender from their own discipline because he’ll move in a way that you assume he’ll move.

“Mayweather has been in the boxing world for his entire career and everyone he’s faced has moved in a certain way that he’s pre-conditioned to handle. Now he’s going up against a guy who doesn’t follow any set patterns, who can deploy a variety of different styles of fighting and is not one bit intimidated. Conor is — as we all are here — 100% confident in victory. That kind of person is very difficult to deal with.”

Kavanagh may have a point here, but the fact remains that McGregor, the UFC’s lightweight champion, has never competed in a professional boxing match, while Mayweather is highly regarded as the best boxer of his generation. “Money” is also a former five division world champion, as well as the former pound-for-pound king.

At the end of the day, Kavanagh feels as if McGregor will shock the world against Mayweather before returning to the UFC for a bout in December, which is interesting given the fact that many are skeptical as to whether or not the “Notorious” one will ever return to the Octagon:

“Many of the questions I’ve been receiving over the past week have focused on when Conor will fight in the UFC again. My expectation is that it will happen this year, although it’s always difficult to predict what Conor is going to do next.

“If he goes in there and knocks out Mayweather in the first round, there will probably be talk of rematches and stuff like that. But the tentative plan, as I see it, is certainly for a fight in the UFC in December. But in the meantime we’re completely focused on boxing and Floyd Mayweather.”

Are you giving McGregor any chance against Mayweather?