Coach: Conor McGregor Avoided Fighting Frankie Edgar In The Past

Frankie Edgar McGregor
Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports
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Former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor had plenty of opportunities to fight Frankie Edgar before according to the latter’s coach Mark Henry.

McGregor recently mentioned in an interview how he would have loved to face Edgar and that “The Answer” was still at the top of his list. Edgar would respond soon after, stating that he’s ready to fight the Irishman in any weight class.

However, according to Henry, McGregor had his fair share of opportunities to fight Edgar, particularly at UFC 189 back in 2015:

He didn’t want to fight Frankie before and he had opportunities too,” Henry told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast. “It’s like he didn’t want to fight him, he had a couple of chances. [When Jose Aldo was forced out of UFC 189] he knew Mendes wasn’t in a camp, that he was filming a hunting show and he hadn’t trained in a long time. He knows that Frankie trains all year round and it would’ve been perfect timing. Mendes had just lost the fight before to Aldo.

That week, Frankie was ranked ahead of Chad too and they switched it fast after Chad got the fight…Frankie was ranked ahead of him, he had more wins than him. Chad had just lost within two fights prior to the title fight.”

Henry added how McGregor even promised to face Edgar if he defeated Chad Mendes. Edgar knocked Mendes out, but never got to face the then featherweight champion. But still, it’s a fight that Edgar would love even if it happens a couple of years after:

“Frankie would love to fight him, he’s always wanted to fight him; Frankie always wants to fight the best guys,” Henry added. “I think Conor’s that way too. I know Conor didn’t fight Frankie, but he’s taken fights at the last second and he’s not afraid of anything. I give him a lot of credit, so many guys don’t wanna fight when their opponents get hurt.

Look at Frankie, he loses a match and he takes a fight with [Brian] Ortega in two seconds. I believe Conor is the same; Conor is a guy that will fight, so they’re perfect for each other.”

Do you think we’ll see McGregor vs. Edgar?

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