Chuck Liddell, His Wife Won’t Be Charged With Domestic Violence

Chuck Liddell

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will not press charges on former UFC champion Chuck Liddell or his wife after an alleged physical altercation at their home just weeks ago.

Liddell and his wife Heidi Northcott allegedly were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical at their home in Los Angeles. According to one of Liddell’s children, the two pushed each other in their living room when things took a dramatic turn, with Liddell suffering multiple cuts on his chest and face. Northcott declined medical treatment when officers arrived.

On Friday, Liddell filed a case of ‘dissolution of minor children’, another term for a divorce proceeding. The two have been together since 2010.

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Chuck Liddell won’t face domestic violence charges after an investigation didn’t find sufficient evidence to convict

Shortly following the incident, Liddell was taken into custody despite telling officers he was the victim of the domestic violence by his wife. He was released shortly afterwards after he volunteered to be taken to jail instead of his wife.

Liddell is a UFC Hall of Famer who is well known as one of the most important figures in MMA history and is a major reason for the promotion’s rise in popularity during the early 2000s. He retired from the sport in 2018 following a trilogy loss to Tito Ortiz, and before that three straight losses in the UFC.

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In a recent Instagram statement, Liddell said he was willing to be taken to jail to shield a mental health issue, but wouldn’t get into details once questions arose. As of right now, there isn’t any word on a potential civil suit between the married couple, though that could happen within the next few weeks.

Liddell hasn’t had any other run-ins with the law during his life, outside of minor traffic infractions.

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