Lightweight action up next! Charles Rosa is looking to bounce back from his dominant decision loss to rising star Bryce Mitchell at UFC 249. Kevin Aguilar is the man standing in his way – he is currently riding a two-fight losing streak and is very much in need of a win tonight. Can he get it? Let’s find out.

Round 1: Charles Rosa opens up with a big body kick attempt but eats a jab from Kevin Aguilar and briefly drops to the mat – looks more of a slip than anything. Both fighters are taking turns at unleashing their strikes with some success. Rose is rattling off leg kicks. Aguilar is rushing forward and catching his opponent on the end of strikes. Aguilar pops Rose with a jab then lands a looping right hand – the biggest shot of the fight. Rose takes it well and goes back to his heavy kicking game. He shoots in for his first takedown on the fight but Aguilar fires off some hammer fists to prevent it. The round ends with both men swinging big but missing wildly.

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Round 2: Rosa opens open with a karate style lead leg attacks – he’s not landing anything but certainly has the attention of Aguilar. Rose lands a big kick to the body, that one looked nasty. Aguilar leaps in and catches Rose on the end of a shot. He follows that up with a superman punch attempt but it falls short. Not a lot is landing from either man right now. They are hitting leg kicks which sound brutal but are mostly being blocked. Rosa lands a big body kick and gets out the way of a combination of punches from his opponent. Rosa tries to fire off another body kick but Aguilar inadvertently dips into it and takes it flush in the face. Rosa is starting to dominant this fight. His kicks are landing big and Aguilar is no longer able to land clean. Final 10 seconds and both men are swinging wild. Aguilar looks hurt. Rosa has blood streaming down his face as the round ends.

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Round 3: Both men pick up where they left off in round two – throwing wild shots. Rosa lands a big straight down the pipe which stung Aguilar. Rosa keeps missing big and falling right into punching range – Aguilar is unable to make him pay. He momentarily has the back of his opponent but is unable to complete the takedown. This fight really appears to be getting away from Aguilar. Rosa is at range in his karate stance, staying busy and landing a lot. Aguilar to his credit is throwing back but is unable to land anything clean. Rosa dives in with a big hook which lands flush. Aguilar shoots for a takedown but it’s easily shrugged off. He tries again with the same result – he eats a big punch for his efforts and the round ends soon after.

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OFFICIAL RESULT: Charles Rosa def. Kevin Aguilar via split decision