Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Joe Rogan’s ‘N-Word’ Controversy

Charlamagne Tha God, Joe Rogan
Getty Images and Variety

Podcaster Charlamagne Tha God had a unique take on the ongoing controversy surrounding Joe Rogan‘s past use of a racial slur directed at African Americans.

Rogan has been under fire in recent weeks for a slew of issues. He has been criticized for his past podcasts for allegedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation, and also defending himself against a viral compilation featuring him using a racial slur on his podcast.

Many big-name personalities have weighed in on the issue, including ESPN’s Laura Sanko and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. Most have defended Rogan after he issued a lengthy apology on his social media accounts.

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During a recent interview on The Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamagne opined on the latest controversy surrounding Rogan.

Charlamagne Disavows Joe Rogan’s Past ‘N-Word’ Use But Praises His Self-Awareness

“If you’re a radio personality, a podcaster, rapper, comedian, artist in general– anybody that does this for living– if you open your mouth, and words come out for a living, you can’t be for censorship,” Charlamagne said. “And if you are from a certain era, there is no way in hell you can look at Joe Rogan and be like, that’s fucked up. That’s what’s killing me about all of this, the lack of self-awareness that some people have, the hypocrisy.

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“The Planet of the Apes was the worst to one me, but by the way, that was twelve years ago. We’ve all made fucked up, terrible jokes. And I listen to Joe Rogan, I don’t know him personally like you do [referring to Andrew Schulz] I’ve met him twice, but I’ve been listening to him for over a decade. The one thing I’ve always liked about Joe is his self-awareness. If you go back and watch the Planet of the Apes thing, even in that commentary, he literally goes, ‘oh my bad, that’s fucked up. That was racist.'” (h/t VladTV)

Rogan was absent from UFC 271 due to an undisclosed reason, although UFC president Dana White has claimed it wasn’t a result of a scheduling conflict or anything from the promotion’s end. Rogan is expected to return for the upcoming UFC 272 pay-per-view featuring Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal.

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What are your thoughts on Joe Rogan’s recent controversies?

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