Chael Sonnen Raps About Anderson Silva, Jon Jones & Cris Cyborg


Former UFC middleweight/light-heavyweight and three-time title challenger Chael Sonnen has been all over the press since his old rival Anderson Silva’s failed drug tests. It seems that although he failed a litany of tests for drugs ranging from fertility pills to steroids and human growth hormone, ‘The American Gangster’ has been a lot more open and honest than ‘The Spider’ when discussing these controversial topics.

Sonnen called Silva’s NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) hearing pathetic, mainly due to the disgraced champ’s limp (excuse the pun) defense. Silva claimed that a bottle of penis enhancer from his buddy in Thailand was the reason for his positive drug screens, but had his argument ripped apart by a board of angry and confused commissioners.

The former politician and Oregonian spoke with today, and gave more insight to his opinions on Anderson Silva and more:

“When the rules changed there were just a lot of guys who were caught with their pants down and there’s no excuse about it, that’s just the way it happened. [Silva’s] in a jam now because there’s a couple of things that were just ridiculous. He failed for three substances, none of the substances I had ever heard of and I doubt any of your readers had heard of them until he tested positive for them, so that’s a little underhanded.”

“When you look closer, two of the substances are over the counter at every store in the world, they are sleep-aids that help you fall asleep. I can tell you, in fight week you’re stressed out of your mind, you’re dehydrated, you can’t sleep and if he took something that’s gonna help him fall asleep, if I’m gonna be his opponent, take more, take five times as much it’s fine with me. To come out and say that stuff is banned with no warning ahead of time — there’s no list, there’s no one you can call and check, there’s no way to tell until it shows up and there’s a violation — that’s underhanded.

“Was he wrong? Yeah. And why he keeps denying it I have no idea. This is a bulletproof test, if it says it’s in your system, it’s in your system. That’s the end of it. The medicines change all the time, what guys take changes on a daily basis. You have to understand, Anderson is not my friend. We are enemies and we always will be, but even from the stance of his enemy he gets a full pass. He had a leg that was snapped in two, he had, not only every moral right but he had an obligation to heal his leg and if he had to turn to the free market or black market for that, he gets a full pass from me.”

Two other fighters that have been prevalent in the media lately that also have shady drug test histories are Jon Jones and Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino. Sonnen has contrasting opinions on both, he feels that ‘Bones’ will return and become champion, and also that Cyborg will never get the fight with Ronda Rousey that everyone has been harping about:

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“I think Jon Jones is gonna be back a lot sooner than you think,” Sonnen predicted. “He’s still got to get through a court date and anything could happen there — including jail time. If he gets jail time that just kicks the can down the road farther as far as his return. He’ll definitely be back and he will be champion again.

“He’s a young guy that behaves as a young guy. Some people get success and they change, I don’t know that he’s changed. He was behaving like a knucklehead before he was champion and he behaves like a knucklehead now. He’s a young guy and I think a little bit needs to be considered there. He’s a fist-fighter, he fights inside a steel cage I’m not totally sure all that’s expected of him, and why? He’s a very nice guy and that story never gets told, it seems like whenever he does something bad there’s always a camera around him but when he does something nice it just goes unnoticed. I know him pretty well and he’s a nice guy — he just behaves like a knucklehead and to me that sounds like a pretty regular person.”

“That fight (Rousey vs. Cyborg) is just a little bit ridiculous, I don’t even think it’s fun to talk about. I could be missing the boat there, I hear people talking about it like they’ve got some excitement but I don’t know where that comes from.”

“Had they fought years ago back when Cyborg was really into the sport and she was competing at a really high level it still would have lasted about thirty-seconds. I don’t know where it all comes from, she can’t make the weight class, she’s never made the weight class, this is just the reality of that situation — that fight is never going to happen.”

An unusually level headed approach from the normally outrageous Sonnen, who perhaps has calmed a little since his days of hyping UFC fights while buzzing his balls off on banned substances.

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Do you agree or disagree with Sonnen’s analysis of three of the most popular but also controversial characters in MMA?