Chael Sonnen Suspects Jon Jones Was On PEDs During UFC 159 Bout

Jon Jones Believes
Photo Credit: MMA Weekly
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Jon Jones could have been abusing performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) as far back as UFC 159. That’s according to ex-UFC middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen.

Following Jones’ second consecutive failed United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) drug test following his UFC 214 win over Daniel Cormier, in which he recaptured the 205-pound strap he never lost, things aren’t looking good for “Bones'” future. Jones’ former opponent, Chael Sonnen, who he defeated via first round TKO back in 2013 in the main event of UFC 159 believes that Jones could have been abusing PEDs as far back as their encounter with one another inside the Octagon.

Sonnen himself has openly admitted to using banned substances, and claims he as well was abusing PEDs during his fight with Jones – but the 205-pound champ still tossed him around as if it were nothing (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“All I can tell you is I had a higher juice concentrate than Tropicana and he pushed me around like Mack truck vs. a Volvo, so I think for the better part of his career, that seems to be how it works,” Sonnen said. “I know for me, I know exactly the day I started taking banned substances, but I would never deny it. I’ve been competing since I was nine years old and if somebody wanted to go, ‘His whole career is in question,’ it’s like yeah… If you did a dishonest act, sometimes the most honest thing you can do is just say, ‘Yeah, you got me.’”

Prior to his bout with Cormier this past July, Jones claimed to have seen UFC President Dana White’s ‘true colors’ following his failed USADA drug test before UFC 200. Sonnen believes that Jones continues to burn bridges as he moves along in his career, something that could come back to bite him when he needs friends the most right now:

“In a time like this you could really use some friends,” Sonnen said. “I don’t think the words that he used (criticizing) the president Dana White before his last fight are going to help him very much in this situation.

“If there’s anything that Jon likes to do besides banned substances, it’s burn bridges. I don’t understand why he does that, but it’s a time right now that he could use some friends and I don’t know that he’s got ‘em.”

Sonnen then stated that the substance Jones took was not only against USADA regulations, but it’s actually illegal to even be in possession of. For a substance of this nature to be in Jones’ system the intake had to have been consensual, tossing the tainted substance defense out the window:

“I can tell you – and I don’t know what Jon did, I’m speculating off of what I’ve done – if they catch something like that, they missed the good stuff,” Sonnen said. “So yeah he’s got to deal with this, there’s no contaminated something or anything, (Turinabol) is pretty hard to get and it’s pretty expensive if you do get it. The problem with this one is it’s an illegal drug. People always get confused on a banned substance vs. an illegal (substance); an illegal means if you’re caught with it they will put you in handcuffs.”