Jorge Masvidal

Chael Sonnen pondered whether a Conor McGregor vs. Jorge Masvidal fight is more likely following Colby Covington’s win at UFC Newark.

Covington defeated Robbie Lawler in the UFC Newark headliner this past weekend to all but confirm he would face welterweight champion Kamaru Usman next. However, many previously believed there was a chance Masvidal could skip him in line to get the next crack.

That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore at least. However, there is another big fight that has been discussed for Masvidal which is McGregor. And Sonnen believes it makes sense to go ahead with it now:

“It would seem to me that we are going to see Colby vs. Usman,” Sonnen said in a recent video. “Fine, no problem. But it does leave an odd man out and that is Masvidal. I think we can all agree that Masvidal deserves something great.

“He’s going to have to fight Leon Edwards. It just seems to me… Masvidal probably deserves something bigger than that. I’d be remiss to mention there is one guy missing. Some guys would rather have [him] in front of a championship or even a main event [and that] is Conor McGregor.

“Conor vs. Masvidal is a really big fight. It’s heel vs. heel. It’s bad guy vs. bad guy. Who could be worse? It’s amazing from a box office standpoint. And I feel as though the storyline has been laid a little bit and Conor does need something to do and Masvidal does deserve something big to do.

Sonnen isn’t necessarily stating that McGregor vs. Masvidal will happen next — but he certainly believes it’s on the table.

“…It’s on the table for sure,” he concluded. “Something great is going to happen for Jorge Masvidal. Something great always happens for Conor McGregor. It’s worth talking about.”

What do you make of Sonnen’s comments?