UFC Hall Of Famer BJ Penn is currently on a seven-fight losing streak, and many think he could, and should, be done fighting. Yet, Chael Sonnen doesn’t subscribe to that idea, and wants to see the former champion fight one more time – against Nik Lentz.

The two used to train together, but as of late, have gone back-and-forth on social media:

“”Nik Lentz took some kind of shot against BJ Penn. BJ Penn then responded. This whole thing was done through social media, and Penn says ‘I’ll see you soon,'” Sonnen said on his podcast. “Nik Lentz then says, ‘Well I don’t know about that, I don’t spend a whole lot of time in Hawaii in back of police cruisers. So, there is no reason why you should be seeing me soon.'”

Why Sonnen is interested in this fight is simple. It’s a grudge match and has an interesting story attached. The UFC Hall of Famer could say this truly is his last fight, and make it a retirement bout as well:

“There is something to be said about a grudge match,” he said. “There is a story here if people are into it. It captivated me, I’m interested in. You also have something that this is BJ’s last fight.”

Even though Penn is on a losing streak, and Lentz is still fighting ranked opponents, Sonnen thinks the fight is worth booking. Whether or not it happens is to be seen, but Sonnen is certainly interested in it:

“I would like to see that fight,” Sonnen concluded.

Would you like to see B.J. Penn vs. Nik Lentz?