Carlos Condit Decisions Matt Brown – UFC Fight Island 7 Results

Carlos Condit

In the UFC Fight Island 7 co-main event former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit takes on Matt Brown…

Round 1: Matt Brown opens up with a low leg kick. Carlos Condit tries to counter him with a heavy combo. Brown is plodding forward. Condit is trying to keep him at bay by repeatably flicking out high kicks. ‘The Immortal’ clinches up and forces this fight to the mat. Brown is in the guard of Condit and is doing a good job of maintaining top position and dropping the occasional bit of ground and pound on his opponent. Brown is bleeding, he seemed to cut himself on the fence as he secured the takedown. Condit is getting active of his back, threatening with submission attempts. Brown is doing a really good job of avoiding danger and continuing to good work. Condit looks to be working his way up and then hits the switch to take top position. He finishes the round top, dropping strikes as Brown worked on an ambitious leg lock.

Round 2: Condit goes straight back to work with his kicks but everything seems to be just out of range. Brown nails Condit with a huge elbow. ‘The Natural Born Killer’ backs up for a second but he’s tough and shows no sign of being hurt. Condit lands a nice kick to the body. Brown tries for the takedown but he’s shrugged off. He locks up his opponent and pushes this fight against the fence. Condit tries to hip throw to create space before separating. They return to the center but not for long as Condit turns the tables and scores a spectacular takedown of his own. He’s on top chipping away with short punches and elbows. Condit is advancing position and seems to be setting up the crucifix here. Brown forces him back to the guard. The round ends with Condit on top.

Round 3: A terrible start to round three as Condit lands a low shot on Brown. He shakes it of and quickly gets back to fighting. Condit lands a few nice shots before Brown tries for another takedown but is easily shrugged. They again clinch and Brown kicks out the foot of Condit. ‘The Natural Born Killer’ is able to reverse position and jumps on the back of his opponent. He’s a bit high but does well to adjust himself to maintain top position. Condit is softening Brown with strikes and trying to work to the mount. Brown gives up his back and Condit is trying to sink in a choke. From a terrible position, Brown pops to his feet and quickly turns the tables. He’s got the takedown and is in top position. Condit is actually winning the position despite being on the bottom. He’s landing short strikes and being busy with sub attempts. Brown just seems too tired to get an offense off. Condit pops back up and is working for his own takedown. He looks to have got it but Brown reverses the position and winds up on top where he remains for the end of round three.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Carlos Condit def. Matt Brown via unaminous decision