Video – Would-be car thief smashed by 6’5″ BJJ world champion, leaves the scene on a stretcher

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A would-be car thief scored himself a free ride to the hospital on a stretcher after attempting to break into a car owned by a Hulk-sized Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion.

The owner of the vehicle is Haisam Rida, a 6’5″ 210-pound member of the infamous B Team Squad in Austin, Texas. In a video uploaded on the team’s YouTube channel, Rida revealed that he was sleeping at the gym between classes when a teammate informed him that someone had gotten into his vehicle. Checking the security camera, Rida saw the individual in his car and immediately took off. Making his way outside, Rida chased the thief down and subdued him with relative ease given his size and skill set.

“Footsweep, back take, rear naked choke, knee on belly,” Rida explained. “I was just taking a nap inside the office, and I think I might have left the car door unlocked, you know, my mistake. I foot swept him, he fell to the ground, but kept trying to move, trying to escape, so, I rear naked choked him from behind.”

Rida Was Commended by Local Police for Detaining the Thief

Shortly after putting the thief on the ground, police officers were called and dispatched to the scene. As it turns out, the thief didn’t leave in a police car. Instead, he left on a stretcher after the beating put on him, but the BJJ black belt admitted that he could have done much more damage without consequence.

“The cops just told me, ‘Good job’ for holding him down, and that I had every right to [protect my stuff],” Rida continued. “Whatever I would have done to him, I would have had full rights, but I didn’t, I just held him down and handed him over to the cops.”

Full footage of the incident, including Haisam Rida’s commentary can be seen in the embed below starting at the 10:22 mark.