Bryce Mitchell Believes The Big Bang was introduced by the Catholic Church After it was ‘Infiltrated by Satanists’

Bryce Mitchell

If you thought Bryce Mitchell’s belief that the earth is flat was the extent of his crazy conspiracy theories, we have news for you.

‘Thug Nasty’ steps back into the Octagon this Saturday night (December 16) for a short-notice showdown with one-time UFC interim title challenger Josh Emmett. Originally, Emmett was scheduled to square off with Giga Chikadze, but the Georgian was forced to withdraw from the contest, paving the way for Mitchell to step in and get one more fight before 2023 comes to a close.

Recently, Bryce Mitchell joined former middleweight champion Michael Bisping on his YouTube channel to discuss his upcoming contest. But as is typically the case with every ‘Thug Nasty’ interview, Mitchell was more interested in spouting his over-the-top conspiracy theories to anyone willing to listen.

Discussing everything from evolution, to past civilizations, and even the Freemasons, Bryce Mitchell really outdid himself when he managed to wrap The Big Bang, Catholic Churches, and Satan all into one tidy package.

“The Big Bang was created by a Catholic priest, not a scientist and that is a sign that the Catholic church has been infiltrated,” Mitchell said. “The pedophiles that infiltrated the Catholic Church. The Satanists have infiltrated the Catholic Church. I have Catholic buddies and they might hate me for saying that, but I don’t think they will.

“I think they’ll understand what I’m saying when I talk about pedophiles and Satanists infiltrating the Catholic Church. That is a real issue and I believe The Big Bang was introduced by the Catholic Church because it’s been infiltrated by Satanists.

Bryce Mitchell Believes Our Society is Devolving and The Freemasons know it

Fast forwarding 13 billion years, Mitchell shifted gears to technologically advanced civilizations of the past and his belief that we as a society are actively devolving.

“We’re going backward in history,” Mitchell said. “We’re actually devolving. If you look at the architecture from before, it indicates there were superior societies with superior technology and this has all been hidden by The Freemasons who are actually responsible for destroying architecture to hide the truth of the past.

“If you look up 1893, there was a Chicago World Fair and we’re talking hundreds of brick and mortar buildings and not like the ones you see today. I’m talking columns, statues, ornate designs, and steeples. You name it. Buildings have been destroyed. I’m talking the most beautiful buildings you’ve ever seen destroyed. 1893 in Chicago, all of those buildings have been destroyed. All, but two of them.”

Mitchell then turned his attention to the pyramids as a way to further make his argument for the de-evolution of our society.

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And for good measure, he made sure to throw some shade at U.S. President Joe Biden, because why not?

“If you look at them pyramids and the degree of accuracy they were built with and we couldn’t do that today, especially with Joe Biden running our country,” Mitchell added. “Joe Biden would f*ck up… We couldn’t replicate that today. Our government would screw that up tremendously. And how did those pyramids get there?

“I firmly believe that we’ve been lied to about our history and maybe some of that knowledge has just been plum lost, but I think secret societies out there have that knowledge and hide that knowledge.

If you’re interested in hearing Bryce Mitchell attempt to make sense of all of that in his smooth Southern accent, you can check out the full interview below.

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But beware, listening for too long could result in permanent brain damage.