Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa get into near-brawl after their fight ends in a no contest – UFC Vegas 88 Highlights

Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa had to be separated after their fight ended in a no contest - UFC Vegas 88 Highlights

Things got intense between Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa following their co-main event at UFC Vegas 88.

After the first five minutes, Battle appeared to be in control of the fight, but things took an unfortunate turn near the one-minute mark of the second round with Battle accidentally poking Loosa in the eye. With the bout paused, Loosa could be heard telling the cageside physician that he was unable to see. As a result, the bout was called off and dubbed a no-contest.

Official Result: Bryan Battle vs. Ange Loosa ruled a no contest at 1:00 of Round 2 (accidental eye poke).

Following the official announcement from Bruce Buffer, Battle and Loosa slowly made their way toward each other and shared some unsavory words before the referee and members of the individual corners intervened, separating the two. Loosa could be heard yelling that he would “f*cking kill” Battle.

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Bryan Battle delivers fiery post-fight interview at UFC Vegas 88

Once everything cooled down, Battle went scorched earth on Loosa during his post-fight interview with Michael Bisping.

Bryan Battle vs. Ange Loosa

“You can’t tell me he wasn’t looking for a way out,” Battle said. “He looked at me just a second ago looking like he wanted to fight. You wanna fight now, but you couldn’t fight a second ago? Bullsh*t. F*ckin’ p*ssy b*tch motherf*cker. I’m that dude. That’s what happens when dudes get in the cage with me. They look for ways out. They want to talk big. They want to talk all this sh*t, but once they feel this strength, they don’t want to be in here with me. He was looking for the first way out possible.”