Bruce Buffer Dumps Guy’s Girlfriend On Cameo

Bruce Buffer

Most people love the sound of UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer’s booming voice as it means a brutal contest is about to take place. However, for some guy’s girlfriend, it actually signalled the end of their relationship.

Bruce Buffer clearly likes to keep himself busy and the money flowing into his accounts. For example, If you were to use the Cameo website, you can actually hire the man to say various things on camera for a sum of money. When some guy heard about this he decided it was the perfect way for him to break things off with his girlfriend in spectacular fashion.

UFC Promo
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“It’s time for Kaylee to move on”, Buffer announces into his phone’s camera.

Imagine having your breakup announced by one of the most famous announcers in the entire world. Additionally, the fact the video is doing the rounds online mustn’t help matters. Hopefully, the savage nature of the video was deserved. Or, ‘Kaylee’ can at least see the funny side. One thing’s for certain, she is never going to forget this break-up!

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Credit for Buffer for giving such a professional performance. He truly made it sound like he was anouncing a main event in the centre of the Octagon.

If you haven’t heard of Cameo, then you should get to know. It is a video-sharing website crammed with countless celebrities who will record your personal message for a small fee. For example, Mike Tyson, and Chuck Norris have used the service in the past. Imagine having a video of “Iron Mike” Tyson wishing you a Happy Birthday.

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Who would you choose to receive a video message from, and what would they say?