Brock Lesnar Fires Back At Steroid Accusations With Humorous Response

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Brock Lesnar is a freak of nature plain and simple. The former UFC heavyweight champion and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) professional wrestler has a monstrous physique, and it’s understandable why many have questioned whether or not that physique came naturally given that there simply aren’t many people built like “The Beast”.

With that being said, questions and criticisms regarding drug testing stirred up quite quickly when Lesnar announced that he would be making his return to fighting at July 9’s UFC 200 from Las Vegas, Nevada. Under the new USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, a fighter coming out of retirement must be submitted into the testing pool four months prior to when he or she plans on competing. Announcing his return just weeks before the July 9th show, this wasn’t an option for Lesnar so the UFC handed him an exception.

Perhaps it’s clear why the masses would be worried about the situation, but Lesnar has indeed been tested an insane amount of times in his short stint in the USADA pool. “The Beast” has also never failed a drug test. In fact, he’s been dealing with these questions his whole life.

On a recent UFC 200 media call that took place yesterday (June 31, 2016), Lesnar fired back at the steroid accusations with a humorous and simple response:

“I’ve been dealing with that my entire life,” Lesnar said during yesterday’s UFC 200 media conference call (via MMA Junkie). “What do you want me to say? I’m a white boy and I’m jacked, deal with it.”

Well, there you have it. As Lesnar said, perhaps he really just is ‘jacked’, and until a failed drug test says otherwise, we may need to lay off of the former heavyweight champion, and simply enjoy his return.

There have been few bigger stars than Lesnar in the history of the sport, and in just over a week we will see him clash with slugger Mark Hunt in the co-main event of arguably the biggest card of all-time.

That’s something special.

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