Brendan Schaub Mocks Dana white over Francis Ngannou Spat: ‘the most relevant fighter on the planet is not with the UFC’

Brendan Schaub mocks Dana White over Francis Ngannou most relevant fighter not with the UFC

Brendan Schaub criticizes Dana White’s handling of the situation with Francis Ngannou following his performance against Tyson Fury.

Going into his fight against Fury a massive underdog, not many excepted much from Ngannou. However, the 37-year-old would drop Fury and win multiple rounds of the fight.

Although he lost, Ngannou’s stock has never been higher and will likely see himself in another fight which will earn him a big payday.

Brendan Schaub criticizes Dana White

Ngannou betting on himself and leaving the UFC has certainly paid off, but it also leaves the promotion and vocal critic, Dana White, with egg on their face.

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Former heavyweight Brendan Schaub turned podcaster, who has had his own fued with White, spoke on white’s handling of the situation. Schaub said that White made a mistake in the dealing with Ngannou and

“Here’s what bums me out about all this, as much as we don’t want to say it’s UFC versus boxing, this was even more UFC versus boxing than Conor vs. Floyd ’cause we actually had a chance here,” Schaub said on The Schaub Show. (H/T Fan Nation)

It pains me to see that Dana White’s not part of it because you have Izzy there, you had Usman there, you had Conor McGregor there, you had Vince McMahon there, you had The Undertaker there, which are under the TKO banner, then Dana White’s ego, he can’t give it up. It’s very, very rare where Dana White makes a mistake of this magnitude.

“He made a royal mistake betting against Francis Ngannou,” Schaub continued. “To be fair, as a businessman he probably made the right choice in hindsight. Now that we’re here, royal, royal mess up ’cause you have the most relevant fighter on the planet and he’s not with the UFC. He has nothing to do with the UFC. Matter of fact, he hates the UFC.”

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