Up next on the main card we have a lightweight bout between Bobby Green and Alan Patrick.

Round 1: The pair touch gloves. Patrick aggressively bursts forwards to attempt a takedown, however, the position is reversed and green ends up on top. Green lands some ground and pound and elbows while in half guard. The pair return to the feet and they clinch against the cage. Patrick aggressively looking for the takedown scrambles to reposition before Green finds a takedown against him. Green looks to step over from side control to mount. he postures up and lands some ground strikes. Patrick gets to his knees and attempts to stand up. He gets back to his feet and reverses the position to look for the takedown once again. Green creates some distance and lands a knee to the body. Green secures a takedown once more ended up inside Patrick’s guard before he attempts an armbar. Green moves to north-south in order to escape the submission and remains in half guard. Patrick manages to pull full guard but eats a massive elbow from Green. The round ends with Patrick attempting another takedown and having it stuffed.

Round 2: The pair clinch early in the round, Patrick shoots for a takedown once more, however, it is Green who secures it ending up back in Patrick’s guard. Green lands a flurry of elbows from the guard. Green advances to half guard. He continues to land ground and pound before the pair scramble to their feet. Patrick looks for a takedown once again, however, the position is reversed. The pair return to the center of the octagon. Patrick shoots for a takedown but misses the mark. Green lands a nice cross. Green lands a jab before sliding away from Patrick’s offence. Patrick lands a leg kick before shooting for a takedown again. Patrick continues the low kicks before Green lands a left hook that wobbles Patrick and forces him to shoot for the takedown. The ten second warning sounds and the pair finish the round on the feet.

Round 3: The pair touch gloves. Patrick throws a swining overhand left before the pair clinch and Green secures a takedown. Patrick looks for a leglock, however, this allows Green to pass to side control. Green lands some elbows as Patrick gets back to the fence to stand up. The pair return to the center. Patrick swings hooks and gets tagged with a cross. Green ducks a punch and winds up taking Patrick’s back, the pair scramble and Patrick takes Green’s back for a short time before he stands and separates. The pair clinch once again on the fence. Green lands some knees before seperating. Patrick lands a solid head kick before shooting for a takedown once again and securing it. Green is quick to return to the feet. Green lands a nice combination finishing with a knee. The pair trade on the feet Green lands a jab that wobbles Patrick. He continues to land his right cross. Green walks Patrick down as he attempts to land heavy shots.

Official Result: Bobby Green def. Alan Patrick via Unanimous Decision