Beneil Dariush Batters Scott Holtzman – UFC Vegas 6 Results

Dariush Holtzman

Kicking off the UFC Vegas 6 main card is a catchweight bout between Beneil Dariush and Scott Holtzman.

Round 1: Dariush lands a huge body kick after the pair swing early on. The fight is stopped after an accidental eyepoke on Dariush. The fight resumes. Dariush lands a jab and Holtzman returns with a leg kick. The fight is stopped again as Dariush receives another eyepoke. The fight resumes again as Dariush looks for the takedown but Holtzman defends well early on. Dariush isn’t giving up on it but Holtzman continues to remain on his feet. Holtzman escapes but receives a huge knee. Dariush is looking for the finish as he lands another knee. Dariush continues the onslaught as Holtzman looks for the takedown now. Dariush stuffs it and now has Holtzman’s back. Holtzman reverses and has Dariush up against the fence. They return to striking. Dariush lands a body kick and follows it up with a straight left. Dariush continues to land huge strikes but Holtzman displays a great chin. However, Dariush lands a spinning backfist that drops Holtzman as the fight is called off.

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Official result: Beneil Dariush defeats Scott Holtzman via knockout (R1, 4:38).

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