Ben Askren & Scott Coker Exchange Words Over Possible Bellator Deal

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Ben Askren & Scott Coker had an interesting exchange through the power of social media over what could have been a working relationship.

It appears that before he signed a deal with the UFC, Askren could’ve ended up in Bellator MMA. The only question is what that deal would’ve seen and what circumstances.

The whole situation started once the Bellator President did an interview with The Fight Guys podcast that was picked up by Askren caught wind of this interview and what Coker had to say.

Those comments were how Coker had talks to co-promote with Askren’s bosses at ONE Championship. If the deal could be made then it would have seen Askren compete in Bellator’s eight-man Welterweight Grand Prix.

Obviously, that didn’t happen as Askren has since been traded to the UFC. This led to Askren saying that he only wanted to fight current Bellator welterweight champion Rory MacDonald in Bellator MMA. No one else. Askren also made it known that the promotion refused to book that fight, which ended the talks.

Scott Coker Fires Back

Coker fired back at Askren by stating that it was Askren’s choice not to sign a long-term deal with Bellator. Askren wrote back by stating that he was saying something along those same lines.

“I know you’re used to people not responding to you. But the truth is you & your team were only interested in a one-fight deal. When we asked Bob Cook if you would fight in the Welterweight Grand Prix on a three fight deal. You didn’t want to do it.”

Clarification Anyone?

This is when Coker tried to clarify his comments about how Askren could have fought MacDonald right away. The only catch was that it would have taken place in the opening round of the Welterweight Grand Prix.

“We would have given you @rory_macdonald to start the grand prix & you didn’t want to do it. Which is fine, I just want to make sure the facts are straight. Don’t spin it like Rory & I were ducking you. You chose not to enter the tournament.”

Thus, Askren ended the exchange with the last word by stating that coker was “pushing alternative facts”.

“I think you are pushing alternative facts here. I can go back and look through old messages/emails. But this sure isn’t the way I recall it. You and I both know Rory vs me looks very similar to Rory vs Gerard.”