Ashley Yoder Outgrapples Miranda Granger – UFC Vegas 14 Results

Ashley Yoder

Next up on the UFC Vegas 14 main card is a women’s strawweight encounter between Ashley Yoder and Miranda Granger.

Round 1: Miranda Granger opens up with a low leg kick. Ashley Yoder lands a nice left hand before closing the distance and clinching up. Granger defends well before Yoder tries an acrobatic submission attempt that means she gives up the position. They are back to striking range but Granger gets caught rushing in and she’s on the mat. It’s a tricky position with neither fighter really able to do much with it. Granger tries the sweep but it doesn’t come off. Yoder grabs a leg and is trying to a kneebar. Yoder gives up on it and lands some nice shots from bottom. Granger is hitting the body. Yoder recovers guard. Granger postures up lands a nice shot before Yoder shuts down the offence once again. Yoder throws up a triangle – it really looks tight. She’s pulling on the arm too now but it slips away and we end round one in another unorthodox grappling position.

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Round 2: A little bit of kick fighting before Granger rushes in and lands a couple punches. They are against the fence once again exchange grappling techniques. Granger is doing well to create space and land nice shots. A brief break and Granger pings her opponent with a couple elbows. Yoder tries for the throw but ends up on bottom. Another strangle grappling stalemate ensues before Yoder is able to take top control. She’s in side control but isn’t doing much with it. Referee Jason Herzog tell her to get to work. Granger is working for a kimura but she’s not going to complete it. Yoder is landing short shots to the body which is just enough to stop the referee from standing them up before the end of round two.

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Round 3: A faster start at the beginning of round three. Both fighters swing wild but not a lot of clean strikes land. Yoder shoots in and secures a takedown with over four minutes left on the clock. Yoder is in side control and has Granger pinned. Once again she isn’t do much – it’s a stalemate. Yoder is working for an armbar. Granger is trying to escape out the back door. Yoder is softening up her opponent with shots. She gives up on the submission and takes the mount. Yoder transitions to the back and is working on a choke now. Once again she gives it up and goes to work with ground and pound. This is a huge round for Yoder. She’s on the back now with a body triangle locked in. Yoder is staying really busy too – no risk of the referee standing this one up. Granger is curled up right now in a full defensive mode. As the time ticks down Yoder gets more aggressive with her ground and pound. She sinks in a choke but the horn sounds to save Granger.

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OFFICIAL RESULT: Ashley Yoder def. Miranda Granger via unanimous decision