Following UFC 190, both Antonio Silva and Stefan Struve are seeking their next fight. Both fighters are heavyweights so it just makes sense that the two men fight next right? Well, they agree.

Silva believes that Struve is a nice guy and a good fighter, but if the UFC wants him to fight anyone including Struve he will. Silva has seen Struve make his way up the rankings and into the-the top contender’s of the heavyweight division. However, Silva might like the guy, but also believes It’s just business and will plan to knock him out.

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“Struve is a young guy; he’s a tough fight and a very nice guy,” Silva told MMAjunkie. “We talk a lot, and I play with him a lot while we’re here (in Brazil). If that’s what the UFC wants, I will do it. ‘Big Nog’ [who Struve beat at UFC 190], I’m a big fan of him. He helped my life a few years ago and gave me training, money and a house. We’re not enemies, me and Struve, but if the UFC wants it, I will have motivation for that.”

Struve says that he has some injuries that he needs to heal up before stepping inside the world famous octagon once again. Once that is done, he’ll step up and fight “Bigfoot.”

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Struve stated that he would not like to fight on the UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan card due to his injuries.

“I got some injuries I’ve got to heal up, but there’s not a lot of guys out there, so I’m sure we’ll meet anyway. Japan is just a little too soon for me.”

Silva is is 2-3-1 in his last six, but is coming off a win over Soa Palelei at UFC 190 in the second round via TKO.

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Struve is currently on a one-fight winning streak. In his last six bouts, he’s 4-2. He beat Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 190 by unanimous decision.

We shall see what the UFC does with the two fighters.

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