Exclusive | Andrii Novytskyi Previews His Second Pro Fight vs. Jason Soto: “I think knockout…maybe first or two rounds…not dangerous guy, he is so slow”

Andrii Novytskyi

Highly touted Ukrainian amateur boxer Andrii Novytskyi made his pro debut on February 18th where he quickly knocked out his opponent Gabriel Aguilar Costa. Having to move to the United States due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Novytskyi plans to take his boxing career to the next level.

Only a couple weeks removed from his debut, Novytskyi has already scheduled his second pro bout against Jason Soto on March 4th. The rising prospect looks to continue his growing momentum and capture another quick victory.

Leading up to his second pro fight, Novytskyi recently sat down alongside his coach Anatoliy Dudchenko to speak with Timothy Wheaton of LowKick MMA.

Andrii Novytskyi Predicts Quick Knockout

The 6’ 6” Ukrainian nicknamed “Rampage” is set for his 2nd pro boxing match against Jason Soto coming up on Saturday. Coming off a first round knockout in his first fight, Novytski had this to say about how he thinks his second fight will play out:

“I think knockout maybe first or two rounds and that’s it. Not dangerous guy, but he is so slow. He’s old, maybe 38 years old, and I think I have no problem [with him].”

Plans to Keep Novytskyi Very Active in 2023

Noytskyii certainly doesn’t lack the confidence to begin his rise in the pro-boxing scene. Andrii’s coach Dudchenko plans on keeping his fighter extremely active in the first phase of his pro career. When asked how many fights he would like Novytskyi to have, coach Anatoliy Dudchenko responded:

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“For now, we’re gonna plan [to fight] one every month. So next fight we have scheduled is April 8th and we’re gonna jump to six rounds for six or seven fights. And then we’re gonna wait and then prepare for a 10-round fight… For now, it’s just experience.”

Andrii Novytskyi Gives Timeline for Championship Aspirations

For now, the plan for Novytskyi is to build up crucial professional experience in order to work his way to the top in the near future. Andrii and his coach Anatoliy have a very specific timeline for when they can see him as a champion. Andrii and Anatoliy explained:

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“Maybe 2 to 3 years. When he is 29, he can begin to jump. Then you have like 10 years until 40 and then goodbye.”

Andrii Novytskyi is certainly a name to look out for when discussing the rising talent in boxing. The 6’ 6” monster looks to gain experience by taking frequent fights and eventually work his way to the top alongside his coach Anatoliy Dudchenko. Can Novytskyi live up to the Ukrainian boxing legacy created by legends like Lomachenko and Klitschko?

Watch the full interview with Andrii Novytskyi and coach Anatoliy Dudchenko here: