Anderson Silva's Primary Questions: ‘Will I be able to train? When can I train? '

As it turns out, things might not be as dark and gloomy for Anderson Silva’s fans as was originally thought. Less than 48 hours after suffering a vicious broken left leg at UFC 168, fans are being told that the former UFC middleweight champion has been asking his doctors about his training.

In a media conference call today, Dr. Steven Sanders, who is an orthopedic surgeon that works for the UFC, confirmed that getting back to training seems to be paramount on the “The Spider’s” mind. Dr. Sanders stated that in pre-op and on his rounds, Silva has been asking one question and that’s about getting back to training.

As Sanders remarked in the conference call:

“He asked me in the pre-op area, ‘When can I train?’ And he has asked me every time, when I see him on my rounds, he asks: ‘Will I be able to train? When can I train?’ And I have always indicated to him that he should be able train.”

Surely this is a good sign for all those that would like to see the MMA legend back in the ring. One thing most certainly is that it speaks to Silva’s indomitable spirit. To even be considering the issue of returning to the gym, let alone peppering your doctor with questions about it within hours of the event and before you’ve even had surgery to fix the beak, is astonishing to say the least.

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As it stands, Anderson has successfully undergone his surgery, with a titanium rod being placed in his left tibia to shore up the bone, and now seems to be in great spirits and moving about on his crutches; again, astonishing stuff, but then again, he’s no average man. The net result of it all this positive news is that Silva is expect to have a full and complete recovery, and that his age will in no way shape or form, affect that process.

However and as much as this is the great news that fans are getting, Dr. Sanders also stated that Silva dodged a bullet and that the situation could have been considerable worse. As Dr. Sanders put it:

“Fortunately for Anderson, the skin did not break. But where could an injury like that go? An injury like that could go where, as I mentioned, the skin breaks and now you’ve got this exposed bone in the environment of an Octagon, and so his risk of infection goes up meteorically. He could have also twisted in such a different direction where he could’ve potentially lacerated an artery going to the foot, in which case you now have what we call vascular compromise.”

“He could’ve, in that case, potentially needed a vascular reconstructive procedure to reattach an artery.Injuries like this can, at times, even become life threatening. If the fracture is severe enough, if it compromises vascular supply to the feet and vascular supply cannot be re-established, it can result in an amputation.”

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Sanders also made note of the fact that Silva’s injuries occurred outside of the joints. As such, and according to the doctor, it should allow the bone to return to normal strength. As Saunders remarked on the subject:

“So having occurred outside the joint, when the fracture heals, the bone will reassume its original strength. In addition to it achieving its original strength, he will also have a titanium rod that is 11.5 millimeters in diameter shoring up that area as well.”

Truly, all of this will be greeted as great news by the fans. In particular, Silva’s fans will rejoice at the prospect of their warrior coming back to the Octagon. As great as the man is, going out in the manner that he did is not a fitting ending to his career. As such, it would be nice to see him have a more suitable exit; maybe not go out as the champ, but at least with a win.

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Of course, the other crew that will great this with happy ears will be Weidman’s fans. Chris’s fans wanted him to win, but not to finish Silva’s career. To have Anderson come back healthy and strong, would wipe away the dark cloud that hangs over, what is, a great victory. If his fans can be left with the win and Silva healthy and back in the Octagon, then it will be a win / win situation all way round, and something Chris’s fans will gladly embrace.

Considering it all, perhaps in 18 to 24 months fans will be tuning in to Weidman / Silva III, and for most, that would probably be a joyous event; title or no title. Outside / Inside picture courtesty of