Anderson Silva got emotional when talking about the death of Earl Simmons who is commonly known as DMX.

The popular rapper died on Friday (April 9) one week after being admitted to hospital due to a drug overdose.

Since his passing the world has been mourning the loss of the 50-year-old superstar.

UFC middleweight legend, Silva, has walked out to DMX songs throughout his MMA career and built a friendship with the rapper over time.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, ‘The Spider’ was clearly emotional when talking about the untimely death of his friend.

“DMX is part of my life,” Silva said. “I’m very sad because he is a huge man, a huge talent, and I’m sad. I’m very sad because this man has great potential to do something more and more in this world. For me, DMX is completely different because he’s very charismatic. And the talent that DMX has is completely different. He’s a good actor and singer. I’m sad. I’m very sad.”

Silva confirmed he will once again walk out to DMX when he returns to fighting.

The Brazilian is booked to square off against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in the boxing ring on June 19.

“For sure, I will go and use his music (in my walkout) because it’s part of my life,” Silva said. (Transcribed by

Do you share that sadness Anderson Silva is feeling after the passing of DMX?

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