American Top Team Owner Has Nothing Bad To Say About Robbie Lawler

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American Top Team (ATT) owner Dan Lambert has nothing bad to say about former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

Lawler became ATT’s first-ever champion when he defeated Johny Hendricks to become the new 170-pound king back in 2014. He would defend the belt two times before eventually losing it to Tyron Woodley in 2016. Woodley also trained at ATT at the time, and following the loss, Lawler would depart the gym for Hard Knocks 365.

Slated to fight Colby Covington in the UFC Newark headliner next, “Chaos” started stirring things up by claiming “Ruthless” left because ATT put up a photo of Woodley winning the title in the gym. For his part, Lawler has not directly responded to those claims.

Neither has Lambert, who didn’t comment much on the reasons behind Lawler leaving. He didn’t have any negative things to say either:

“Well from my standpoint, fighters come and fighters go,” Lambert told MMA Junkie Radio. “We focus on the fighters that are at the gym, not fighters who have left. I don’t have anything bad to say about Robbie Lawler.

Even if I did, he’d be the last person I’d say something bad about, I mean look at the guy. Look at the guy and look at his status in the sport.”

Lawler has also trained with Covington before, and despite the latter’s claims and brash personality in general, the former champion had good things to say about him. That is one of the reasons why Lambert is focused solely on Covington and not any other potential drama:

“You’re going to try and get into a PR battle with that guy?” Lambert added. “You’re going to lose that one every time but you know, we focus on people that are at the gym. Try to make them better, get them to fight. Colby is at our gym, Robbie is not so we’re focusing on Colby.”

What do you make of Lambert’s comments?

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