Amanda Nunes Doesn’t Want To Fight Cris Cyborg

Cyborg Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes is putting her dreams of being a two weight world champion on hold.

The current 135-pound champion expressed her interest in jumping up 10 pounds to compete for the newly formed female featherweight division’s title, which was won by Germaine de Randamie last month, in attempt to make history similar to Conor McGregor and become a dual-weight UFC champ. With longtime female featherweight knockout artist Cris Cyborg finding her way to the UFC, however, Nunes’ plans seem to have changed.

During a recent interview with Brazil’s AG Fight (courtesy of FOX Sports) Nunes revealed that she no longer wants to jump up in weight, as she rather see her fellow countrywoman take her rightful place at the top of the division. Nunes also stated that a potential match-up against Cyborg would force her to take a year to properly prepare:

“I do not intend to fight with Cris”, Nunes said. “But my intention was to fight [Holly Holm or Germaine de Randamie], who were in my category, but Cris is coming back now and I’m not interested in going up. I want to see her as the champion. To fight with her, I would have to gain weight and gain muscle. I am at 135 pounds. To do such a job (at 145), I would need at least a year.”

Nunes went on to further explain herself, pointing out that the current champion de Randamie is already someone she has defeated, and challenger Holly Holm is a former champion in her weight class. With an experienced featherweight such as Cyborg now getting involved in the picture, Nunes has been forced to scrap those plans:

“That’s what I said: ‘This category is for Cris, but then she tested positive’”, Nunes said. “But then, two girls from the 135-pound class moved up, one was coming off two defeats and the other was not in the rankings. The champion [Germaine de Randamie] is a girl that I have already defeated. I asked to go up because I can be champion in two categories.

“My point of view was that they were two athletes from my category and that Cris was not in the game at the time.”