Aljamain Sterling Rants About Mandatory Masks On Social Media

Aljamain Sterling

Bantamweight title challenger Aljamain Sterling is the latest UFC star to actively campaign against mandatory mask laws in the United States.

Featherweight prospect Bryce Mitchell picked up the biggest win of his career against Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili at UFC Vegas 12 on Saturday night but was more interested in asking the Governor of Arkansas to make mask wearing to combat COVID-19 optional.

Sterling used his social media platform to voice his opinions on the topic, he wrote.

“If you’re sick, wear your mask if you have to go out or stay the f**k home. All my mandatory mask people, I hope when this country loses almost all small businesses, that the government actually bails out all those little people.

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“Don’t pick and choose to follow social distancing when it’s convenient for you and your fun,” Sterling continued. “Stay in your house. Sanitize until your skin rots, neglect vitamin D from the Sun, wash your hands until they prune, and avoid everyone. There, you’re safe now!

“My point and opinion is this: If you are sick, scared, old, at-risk, then please… stay home,” Sterling concluded. “If you have to go out, then wear a mask to help with your safety even more. If you are young and feel good about the survival rate of 99.6%, then do as you wish.

“For the record, saying to make masks optional doesn’t mean I’m anti-mask. Masks of course have its place! But my stance be clear for those that can’t read objections to their viewpoints: If you’re concerned about your loved ones, stay home and isolate with them and enjoy your time with them at home. Sacrifice your fun and time for what’s important to you!” (Transcribed by

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Do you agree with Aljamain Sterling on the topic of mandatory masks in the United States?