Ali Bagautinov: I Will Improve On My Mistakes To Come Back Even Better

Dagestan’s Ali Bagautinov came up short this Saturday in his attempt to capture the UFC’s flyweight crown after he was picked apart by the current champion; Demetrious Johnson.

Following the defeat to “Mighty Mouse, “Puncher King” spoke to’s Ariel Helwani where he broke down his decisive loss. Bagautinov said he wasn’t surprised at all by Johnson and thinks the fight was a good experience. The 29-year old said he plans on looking back though the fight to find out what he needs to do differently next time:

“I will definitely take a look at the fight and learn all my mistakes, improve on those mistakes and come back to do what I have to do next time to win the fight.

He didn’t surprise me with anything, his speed and his strength were fine for me.” Bagautinov said. “It was a great experience for me. It was my first five round fight, I will learn a lot from it, improve on my mistake and be better next time.”

Despite a few impressive takedowns, Bagautinov was totally outmatched by the champion en-route to a unanimous decision win. He still remains one of the top fighters in the division with the loss and could be back in the mix with one or two wins. But he has a long way to go to reach Johnson’s level who is miles ahead of everyone else at 125 pounds.

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Checkout the full interview with Bagautinov below courtesy of MMAFighting: