Ali Abdelaziz Says Kamaru Usman Would Kill Conor McGregor If They Fought

Ali Abdelaziz

Ali Abdelaziz has gone hard in the paint against Conor Mcgregor ahead of his return to the octagon at welterweight.

The manager of Khabib Nurgamedov has a well-documented beef with the Irishman who made Abdelaziz the target of his verbal warfare in the build up to his clash with the unbeaten Dagestani.

Speaking with Chael Sonnen, the popular manager called a potential fight with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman suicide and claimed McGregor is simply to lazy to actually cut weight. (H/T Chael Sonnen)

“It would be suicide for him to fight Kamuru even if he wins (against Cerrone).” Abdelaziz said. “Secondly, he doesn’t want to cut weight. They a bunch of lazy motherfuckers, they don’t want to make the weight.”

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“If you’re talking about Conor fighting at 170 and fighting Usman his family better have life insurance because he might kill him.” Abdelaziz said. “I don’t think it’s a fair fight. I don’t think the athletic commission should approve a fight between Kamaru and Conor. I think something will happened to him, he’ll probably get crippled, something bad will happen.”

Abdelaziz also claimed McGregor returning at 170 was not smart if he actually wants to get another crack at the lightweight champion.

“He’s actually not smart because if he actually wanted to fight Khabib he would of fought Cerrone at 155.” Abdelaziz said. “Even if he beats Cerrone do you think Khabib is going to fight him at 155? No, Khabib even said he needs to win ten fights. People think Khabib is just talking, but when Khabib said I’m not fighting in Vegas, he didn’t fight in Vegas. For sure financial standpoint it’s a good fight but I can’t force him on what to do because he’s a man, he’s different, he has principles.”

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Will Conor McGregor stay at 170lbs or drop back down and chase another fight with Khabib Nurgamedov ?