Ali Abdelaziz Claims Someone Is Trying To Kill Him

Ali Abdelaziz
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Prominent MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz thinks someone is trying to kill him.

The at-times controversial fighter representative who calls many of the sport’s greatest athletes his client appeared on today’s edition of ‘Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.’ He appeared on the show to speculate on topics such as Khabib’s next bout, insisting Tony Ferguson ‘didn’t deserve it.’ He also said Marlon Moraes would be fighting for the bantamweight title in his next fight.

But another statement of a different kind from Abdelaziz is garnering more attention. The outspoken and even hated MMA manager claimed someone is actively trying to end his life. He said someone has gone to the extent of trying to poison him. It’s sent him to the hospital twice as a result.

He’s still here, however:

Murder Ali?

Strange stuff. It can’t be denied that Abdelaziz certainly isn’t the most loved man in mixed martial arts or anything close to resembling that term. He constantly calls out fighters and berates them in the media. His never-ending criticism and name-calling directed at Conor McGregor comes to mind. But McGregor has also called out some extremely personal aspects of Abdelaziz’s life like he has Khabib’s. In that sense, it’s easy to see why Abdelaziz has fired back.

Perhaps that could be the source of the supposed poisoning attempts on Abdelaziz. McGregor fans, just like Khabib fans, are known to to be some of the most voarcious in MMA. They’ll go to every length to defend their fighter, and sometimes it does get over the top. Attempting to murder Abdelaziz is obviously the most extreme it gets. Of course, this is all speculation at this point and there’s no official proof of if he was poisoned or who’s doing it.

Regardless, it’s another controversial revelation from MMA’s most successful and most hated manager. This one was out of left field even for a man as despised as Abdelaziz, however. Hated or not, he is one of the best managers in MMA and is almost certainly the most prominent in terms of high-profile fighters and overall media attention.

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