Transgender MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin has agreed to a potential fight with former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields.

The two parties have engaged in a war of words as of late with Shields openly lobbying against the LGBTQ community. Or as he calls them, “the alphabet people.” Shields has specifically taken aim at transgender individuals and their allies, even suggesting that those who support the transition of children be publicly executed.

Recently, Shield laid down a challenge to the trans community on Twitter, suggesting that he would take on “the 10 toughest trans men in the world” with no training or rest in between each opponent. Wrestler Mack Beggs, a trans man, accepted the challenge, but Shields appears to believe that it was Alana McLaughlin accepting. Responding to a picture of ‘Lady Feral’ on social media, Shields said, “This dude blocked me so someone tell him I accept his offer.”

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Alana McLaughlin Accepts Jake Shields’ Challenge

Alana McLaughlin took the opportunity to accept Shield’s challenge, laying down some pretty serious conditions for a potential scrap inside the cage.

“Drop to 145 and go on puberty blockers for six months and I’d be glad to,” McLaughlin tweeted. “Sorry, but I’m not taking steroids to be a lay-and-pray fighter.”

Puberty blockers are exactly what they sound like. Medications that are designed to suppress the body’s release of sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, during puberty. They are typically used in individuals suffering from gender dysphoria.

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In an interesting and somewhat hilarious twist, Alana McLaughlin followed up on her conditions by letting the “washed-up fascist” know that if he was so desperate to roll around with her, all he had to do was ask her out.

“If Jake wanted to get sweaty and roll around on the floor with me, he should have tried not being a racist, transphobic, fascist f*ck-knuckle and just asked me on a date,” McLaughlin quipped.

With trans rights becoming a hot-button issue in recent years and insufferable douchebags like Jake Shields being allowed to freely call for the public executions of its community members and allies, it’s unlikely that his war of words with Alana McLaughlin and trans people, in general, is over. But it is safe to say that the two will likely never step inside the cage to settle their differences.

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