Abdul Razak Alhassan blasts Joaquin Buckley: “He’s a f***ing p**sy like the biggest p**sy!”

Abdul Razak Alhassan

Abdul Razak Alhassan calls out Joaquin Buckley to a rematch, promising to knockout him out if they meet again in a fiery rant.

Fresh off of his knockout win at UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs Imavov, Abdul Razak Alhassan took the post-fight press conference by storm as he called out his former rival, Joaquin Buckley to a rematch in an explicitly filled rant.

“I want to fight that b**ch ass Buckley again,” Alhassan said. “If anybody sees him, tell him I say he’s a f***ing b**ch. He’s a p**sy. He’s a f***ing p**sy like the biggest p**sy,” […] And we had an agreement. Let’s go on in the center of the ring. Let’s f***ing bang and see who the f**k is gonna go down first. That b**ch felt one punch and was like, uh, let me take you down. You’re a b**ch, Buckley. But if you’re watching this, you’re a b**ch. I want to whoop your ass. I saw you a f***ing b**ch.

Abdul Razak Alhassan believes Buckley turned into a wrestler after feeling his power

Abdul Razak Alhassan and Buckley met at UFC Fight Night: Walker vs. Hill back in February 2022. MMA fans were itching to see these two knockout artists throw down. All 12 of Alhassan’s wins have come via KO or TKO, while Buckley isn’t far behind with 11 KO or TKO wins out of 15. 

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Alhassan seemed to believe that there was an unwritten agreement the two would stand and bang and see who is the superior knockout artist, but when Buckley began to take him down and out grapple him to a split decision win.

“His b**ch ass felt my power and was like, ‘I don’t want this I’m gonna take you down, you’re a b**ch, Buckley,” Alhassan said. “I hope you see this. If I see him in the street and he talks s**t. I swear to God; I will show you the f***ing African. I will smack the f**k out of you. I swear. I’ll treat you like you’re a b**ch.”

Abdul Razak Alhassan finished his eloquent rant by calling Buckley out for a rematch. 

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“I want a rematch with that f***ng b**ch so I can f**k him up. Buckley, you are b**ch if you’re a man, come and fight me again,” Alhassan said. “You are a b**ch again.”