The 6 Greatest Pick-Up Artists in MMA

Chicks dig fighters — even the ones who talk funny. But even with the natural advantages that come with muscles, scars, and fame, we’re still occasionally surprised by the lady-killing ability of some mixed martial artists. Of all the MMA PUA‘s, these six are the most accomplished…


Notable conquests: WWE star Milena Roucka (aka ‘Rosa Mendes’), model Flavia Mazoni
Notes: ‘The Boogeyman’ is semi-retired from the sport these days, choosing instead to spend his time training hopeless cases. But in his prime, Dean Lister was just as notable for his ability to attract exotic beauties as he was for his in-cage exploits. Grappling ability plus a cartoonishly strong-looking jawline is a combination that women can’t resist, apparently.


Notable conquests: Bikini model Wendy Foster, a super-hot former fiance named Brittany, an old girlfriend that was apparently down for whatever.
Notes: Snagging a Hooters Girl of the Year would be an accomplishment for any man. But to do it without the use of one of your five senses? Bro, that’s legendary. (Then again, deafness is probably an asset when you’re pretending to be interested in your girlfriend’s stories.) Matt Hamill’s ex-fiance, a bartender from upstate New York, was just as hot, and of course there were those rumors of Hamill’s partner-swappin’ lifestyle with a freaky old flame. Respect the Hammer.

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Notable conquests: Laura Prepon, Arianny Celeste
Notes: When Roger Huerta became a hero to all women by (allegedly) stomping out that asshole in Austin, his panty-dropper cred went up about 5,000%. Not that he needed it. With his cover-boy good looks, Roger Huerta became the first MMA star to cross-over — meaning that he ditched a UFC ring girl to date a mainstream television actress. Next up: A high-ranking government official. We know you can pull it off, Rog.


Notable conquests: Three ex-wives, this girlfriend, that other broad.
Notes: Look, we’re not saying Randy has had sex with any of the women in the above photo, although we certainly wouldn’t put it past him. But in his love-life — as in the Octagon — he performs with the drive and intensity of a much-younger man. And like a classic PUA, he understands that variety is the spice of life.

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Notable conquests: Heidi Northcott, an attractive ex-fiance named Erin, model/singer Willa Ford, porn star Jayden James, untold thousands of UFC groupies
Notes: Ah yes, the strong, silent type. Ladies have always dug the Iceman. Dude just has a vibe about him, and he clearly loves to party. But despite his tough-guy demeanor, Chuck’s a devoted father who’s not above cheering up a depressed Russian dancer with a sock-puppet routine. Come on…look at this and just try to say ‘no’.


Notable conquests: Arianny Celeste, Edith Larente (so we hear)
Notes: Dude, we don’t get it either. But at this point, Tiki’s powers of seduction are undeniable, and Arianny isn’t the only ring girl who’s been mesmerized by the Goatee of Doom. And the best part about Tiki’s pimp-game? He knows when to walk away.

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Honorable mentions:
– Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, for snagging Brittney Palmer, then rolling on to a new ring girl when that was finished.
– Josh Burkman, for landing Arianny Celeste, despite obvious physical limitations.