5 Reasons Jose Aldo Will Beat Conor McGregor

Photo courtesy of FOXSports.com
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In some people’s minds, Conor McGregor is supposed to beat UFC featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo at UFC 194 on Dec. 12.

In some people’s minds, the Irishman’s interim billing is a temporary ploy by the UFC before he settles in and dethrones the only 145-pound titleholder in promotional history.

Others believe those notion’s to be nothing more than glorified hogwash, as the UFC attempts to build a rivalry in a division previously lacking transcendent stars.

Whichever belief you piggy back, there’s no disputing that the organization has perfected their marketing efforts leading up to this long-awaited unification bout.

Alongside the latter conviction of how this fight will actually play out, we dive deep into the prediction tank and discuss five reasons why The Brazilian will nix McGregor’s historic rise to prominence.

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