Five Ways Bellator MMA Could Surpass The UFC

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While it’s going to take a ton of time and effort, there are some signs that Bellator MMA can even the playing field with the UFC in the sport of MMA.

With signings such as Chael Sonnen, Ralek Gracie, Phil Davis and Rory MacDonald over the past 18-months, Bellator are growing in stature.

Many don’t see a way for the UFC to drop off the #1 promotion spot, especially with the recent $4 billion purchase, but nothing lasts forever. And with fighters speaking out against the world’s biggest MMA promotion left and right, now is the time for Bellator to truly make a move.

Here are five reasons they just may be able to surpass the UFC one day:


5. Viacom’s financial & media power:

As mentioned, the UFC was recently sold for $4.2 billion. It may come as a surprise to some, but Bellator’s owners, Viacom, have a massive finance advantage over the UFC’s new owners, WME/IMG.

Viacom’s profit alone in 2013 was close to $2.5 billion, yes, profit. Bellator has the financial backing that no other MMA company in history has had to go against the UFC. There has been rumors of a Viacom/CBS merger, which could see Bellator’s exposure increase even more with more TV networks and media outlets available to them.

With the right backing from it’s owners, Bellator has the financial and media power to dwarf the UFC. If the mentioned merger happened, we could see shows on Showtime, the former Strikeforce broadcaster.