Johny Hendricks Advises GSP To Stay Retired: Next Time Will Be Worse

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Former UFC welterweight champion Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks may be squaring off with No. 8-ranked Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the main event of tomorrow’s (February 6, 2016) UFC Fight Night 82, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his 2013 clash with Georges St-Pierre.

Fighting for St-Pierre’s then long-held 170-pound title at UFC 167, the two went back and forth for five hard rounds with Hendricks seemingly getting the better of the Canadian star. In fact, much of the MMA community felt as if “Bigg Rigg” had done enough to win which is why most were stunned when “Rush” was handed a split-decision victory.

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St-Pierre would vacate his title soon after, going into a semi-retirement that has remained intact to this very day. The rumors and questions have run rampant ever since, however, and 2016 could be the year that GSP makes his return to action.

While I’m sure Hendricks wouldn’t turn down a rematch with his former foe, “Bigg Rigg” actually recently advised St-Pierre to stay away from fighting, claiming that his next fight would just be worse:

“Enjoy that you were the best fighter for what? 4-5 years? Enjoy that. Don’t come back just because you had a close decision that you thought you won, but it wasn’t close. The next is going to be worse and that’s the thing, I’d really like him … to move on. Whenever it’s my turn and I know it’s time for me to go, I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘I’m going to train to comeback.’ I know whenever I’m beaten and I’m no longer at the top, it’s time to hang them up.” Hendricks told MMAJunkie.

While some feel that “Rush” will make his much anticipated return to action at some point, it is also very possible that we’ve seen the end of one of the sport’s most iconic and prolific champions.

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Do you agree with “Bigg Rigg”, or should the 34 year old St-Pierre see if he has one last run left in him?