Wanderlei Silva Asks Dana White For A TUF: USA vs. Brazil Show


The announcement was just made earlier this week, and already the hype is building around the next season of TUF: Brazil featuring longtime enemies Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva as coaches. The show was set to take place with a cast of Brazilian MMA prospects, but today Wand came out and said he wants to make it about country vs. country (translated from Portuguese via his Facebook page):

“Now it’s official, I will be responsible for representing our country, and yes I will make him pay for everything he said about us, I really need help and support from you in this, our new battle. Yesterday asked Dana to do a USA vs. BRAZIL show. He (Sonnen) chooses the fighters he thinks are the best of the best in USA, I choose here in Brazil, it makes no sense to be coach of fighters here, and I want to pick the fighters here.”

“The Axe Murderer” raises a very interesting point here. The concept has been tried before when Great Britain took on Australia on TUF: The Smashes, but obviously a USA vs. Brazil contest would be a much bigger production.

If Sonnen were to pick his favorite team of American fighters and take them down to Brazil for the season, the resulting episodes have the potential to be epic. Sonnen already proved that he is a great coach on TUF 17.

But the real story of this fight is Silva and Sonnen’s long-standing back-and-forth war of words that almost erupted into a physical confrontation at September’s Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. Silva is sick and tired of Sonnen’s constant disrespect of his proud Brazilian people. Indeed Sonnen’s insults have reached an almost legendary level, as he’s called out nearly every winning Brazilian UFC fighter since it began with his 2010 feud against Anderson Silva.

Sonnen is a marked man in Brazil. The next season of TUF: Brazil will be much more about the rivalry of Silva vs. Sonnen rather than the fighters looking to make a name for themselves. Putting the fighters’ homeland pride on the line simply adds fuel to the fire.

America and Brazil are both at the top of the list when it comes to MMA talent. “The Axe Murderer” asked his fans to pressure Dana White and Twitter to make his idea a reality. The pending Silva vs. Sonnen bout already has so much hype and buildup surrounding it that adding the first USA vs. Brazil season of TUF to the mix could make it legendary. Do you think this is the next direction TUF should go?

  • Fighter vs fighter is one thing but to pit country vs country….. well I don't think this is going to end well. Sonnen may want to stay his white *** home. Brazilians don't seem to take too well to a loss in sports.

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  • This is my real problem with Brazillian pride. One American, Chael Sonnen, is against them (I love Chael but still) and he wants to make it out like America is full of racists. Walk out for a fight in America, Mr. Wanderlei. You will hear applause and encouragement. I'm an American fighter, and one day when I fight for the UFC it will be is Brazil. I think we know how they'll greet me. Their pride and self rightousness goes beyond that of thinking they are great but they actually find other countries to be lesser. This type of nationalism lead to Hitler's Nazi Germany and the death of 2/3 of Jews in Europe! Think I'm taking it too seriously? You're wrong. It disgusts me how much animosity they have towards outsiders booing is one thing but to despise American fighters as if we aren't hard working people with dreams of our own? Very disturbing.

    • Ivy

      How is Chael "against" Brazil?

    • They definitely have animosity towards Chael, but outside of that, I don't really think they boo Americans any more than Americans boo Brazilians.

      You can't honestly say you don't see that happen all the time in America… Just look at most of Randy Coutures fights "Captain America???"… Sure you see Brazilians represent their country but you don't see any Brazilians go as far to name themselves Captain Brazil lol.

      You also see it with Silvas early fights (before he did anything controversial to make some fans dislike him), also Machidas fights, Hughes vs Gracie, Liddel vs Rua,

      With that said, I do agree with your comments about Wanderlei. He's one Brazilian that has a huge fan following in America. Kind of silly that he wants to be an opponent of America just because of his rivalry with Chael…

    • Hey Clinch,

      Good luck on achieving your goal.

      I believe what you may be experiencing when you hear the Brazilian crowd booing is the voices of many people whose life chances are so limited that it's essential for them to have sporting success to cheer for.

      I believe it's easier for the crowds of great nations to be generous with praise than it is for poorer nations…

      That said, what I'm expressing is only a hunch.

      Ps, your position on Nationalism is overly simplified, there were many co-commitant factors which produced the level of nationalism found in post WW1 and WW2 Germany.

  • Dont think country rivalry should be a focus on MMA…this is a man vs man sport….Chael should come and train some Brasilian dudes and show the world he is a great coach and overall good fellow.

    • Agreed.

      I think it would be healthy for countries to compete with each other, similar to the "World Cup" idea Dana White had in the past. But for a season based on a country rivalry… Nothing good can come of that.

    • Thats what I was hoping for Brasil, but it looks like they are fueling the crap for ratings or something I dont know.

    • @Brasil….I think Wanderlei realises that the image of Chael as a bad guy will be killed off if he brings in great coaches and helps the Brazilian fighters…Wanderlei doesn't want to give Chael that free pass to get friendly with his country fighters. The only thing that needs to be considered is the portuguese issue…Subtitles are great but Chael may not be able to get across his points to all the fighters.

  • They better have security in the house too lol. I hope humanity proves to be better than I suspect…I am cynical.

  • I Said this in the earlier post…

  • I just hope the show won't stir up racial quarrels between the individuals just for ratings, Brazillians dont hate Chael. There's no race that would hate a man just for telling a joke against their race, only Filipinos do that, Justine fcuking Bieber posted Paquiao's knockout face, and Bieber's banned in the Philippines. Now that is funny.

  • To be honest, it is not such a bad idea if countries compete with each other in this sport. The only problem is the involvement of Chael Sonnen, who, for many years has been seen as anti Brazil. I think if they make it USA vs Brazil, the hype is going to be phenomenal and the each fight can be sold at pay per view. However, the bitterness will not end.

  • I love Wanderlei and I love his passion for MMA and the fans but he feels disrespected his fire is waaay too hot.

    He doesn't see the pinch of salt in Sonnen's gimmick at all, I just hope than when all's said and done win or lose he shows what a sportsman he is and shakes hands and puts it all to bed.

    Lets face it none of this personal to Chael but 'brazillian pride' is extremely flamable… Children and Chael's alike should handle with care lol.

    Love both guys for very different reasons and both have a huge place in MMA!

  • On the TUF Brazil or TUF Brazil v USA topic…

    I'd rather see Sonnen coaching brazillian fighters, he'll show professionalism and care for his fighters and put the stupid racism debate to bed. If he's forced into a USA vs Brazil situation it just adds fuel to the fire.