UFC on Fuel TV 8 Results Recap: Wanderlei Silva makes triumphant return to Japan with KO of Brian Stann


UFC on Fuel TV 8 is in the books from Japan and while it may have started out slow with a litany of decisions, it ended with some absolute fireworks to finish the last two bouts. In the main event, Wanderlei Silva and Brian Stann fought a toe-to-toe war from the start, rocking each other time and again throughout the bloody first round. They appeared much more tentative to start the second, but as the round wound down, Silva rocked Stann with a vicious right hook-left hook combo. He followed up on the ground with some shots to seal the deal. A great win for Silva in his return to Japan.

In the co-main, Mark Hunt fought Stefan Struve in a brutal back-and-forth war. Not surprisingly, Hunt looked to utilize his heavy hands while Struve attempted several submissions and ground sweeps after pulling guard. Struve repeatedly hit Hunt with a ton of ground-and-pound, but in the third round Hunt took over as both fighters appeared very tired. The Pride veteran landed some heavy-handed blows to floor Struve and earn the stoppage from Herb Dean.

In other action, Diego Sanchez fought native hero Takanori Gomi in a fight that displayed both of their offensive arrays. Sanchez earned the decision on the strength of some early takedowns. Yushin Okami controlled Hector Lombard just enough to win after getting tagged early and often in the last round. Rani Yahya took the decision over Mizuto Hirota after almost submitting with an arm triangle choke. Dong Hyun Kim used his patented smothering top game to dominate Siyar Bahadurzada on the ground for a unanimous decision.

UFC on Fuel TV 8 Full Results:

Main Card:

Wanderlei Silva def. Brian Stann via KO (punches)

Mark Hunt def. Stefan Struve via TKO (punches)

Diego Sanchez def. Takanori Gomi via Split Decision

Yushin Okami def. Hector Lombard via Split Decision

Rani Yahya def. Mizuto Hirota via Unanimous Decision

Dong Hyun Kim def. Siyar Bahadurzada via Unanimous Decision 

Preliminary Card:

Brad Tavares def. Riki Fukuda via Unanimous Decision

Takeya Mizugaki def. Brian Caraway via Split Decision

Kazuki Tokudome def. Cristiano Marcello via Unanimous Decision

Alex Caceres def. Kyung Ho Kang via Split Decision

Hyun Gyu Lim def. Marcelo Guimaraes via KO (knee)

LowKick Fight Night Awards:

Performance of the Night:

None other than Wanderlei Silva could win the award here, as Silva quieted the critics, including myself, who thought he was on the cusp of being done. He fought and won a war and beat a very game fighter in the form of Brian Stann.

Finish of the Night:

Wanderlei Silva again earns the nod for his emphatic KO of Brian Stann in the place that made him an MMA legend, the Saitama Super Arena.

Upset of the Night:

Mark Hunt was the underdog going into his bout against Stefan Struve but fought hard until the end, although visibly gassed. A huge bout could be coming for his next fight.

  • That's my boy!

  • Oh, and it looks like I'm continuing Anton's traditions quite well……..

    • Hang in there, Mike, it's just a curse.

    • You guys know how to pick them!!! (I had Struve and Stann too)….at least they were great fights!!

  • Waaaanderleiiiiiiiiii Siiiiilvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Wand getting his best win and a classic Axe Murderer KO on his return to Japan is about as good as it gets.

    He could ride out in to the befitting Japanese sunset after tonight.
    That was as perfect a moment for old-school MMA as last week's WMMA fight was for new-school MMA.

    "Heroes come and heroes go, but legends live forever"

  • Wandy's entrance gave me goose bumps, wow. The only thing missing today was the old Pride lady's voice at the end of Wandy's fight.

    Wandy/Stann put on a show tonight.

    • I so wish that the Pride Lady had come to the UFC after the purchase.

  • man…what a great night! the pride heroes won! mark hunt & wander silva FTW!

  • Mark Hunto gave us a brutal TKO over Struve which has forced Stefan to go hospital via an ambulance, as I type this, due to a broken jaw suffered by the final blow.

    I say "forced" but Hunt didn't force anything, he just took the opportunity to throw free strikes as Stefan just stood in front of him for most of the fight with a tight guard, constantly allowing Mark to come around the side of it.

    It is actually embarrassing that Stefan is 14 inches taller and has a huge reach advantage yet still manages to get hit on the chin and can't keep his opponent at bay.
    Even worse than striking poorly against Hunt is he fact he stood with him when he has a clear ground advnatage,
    The Dutchman has over 30 fights and has some of the worst fight IQ in the UFC, I'm sure another brutal TKO loss at only 25 years old isn't going to help either.

    Stefan Struve needs to lock himself in a room for 1 hour per day and watch non-stop Semmy Schilt fights or if it's not his fight IQ, which I think it is, then he needs to change training camps.

    • people flame Bones Jones saying he only wins because of his reach.
      He is smart enough to actually use it, apparently not everyone does.

  • Holy **** I could watch Silva and Stann fight every weekend!!

    • Yeah, could be one of the best 1st rounds ever. I think one of the best fights ever was Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle here in Ireland even though it didn't get the big names and coverage of fights like Forrest vs Bonnar and Henderson vs Shogun etc.

  • the fight was insane, the commentators irritated me tho, but Wandy should retire now, each blow he takes damages his brain, he is one of the greatest and without a doubt theost entertaining fighter I've seen, but sadly it is time to retire, a win by KO in Japan it's like destiny is giving him a sign.

    • I agree, now is the best time for Wand to retire. Take Chris Lytle's path. He probably won't be on the UFC Hall of Fame but if there's a unified MMA HoF Wanderlei is definitely in it.

      • Dana said Wand is UFC hof

        • Wand definetly deserves to be a Hall of Famer. 20 years of service and 50 fights…crazy….and its not over yet

  • Wow, I thought Cyborg's granite chin was gone but she ate those early uppercuts and came back banging! Cyborg is always looking for a brawl and I'm glad Brian Stann gave her one. That fight definitely deserved the FOTN award.

    Hunt vs Struve was a pain to watch, even though there was a KO. Those 2 seemed sluggish.

    • Hunt and Struve was great, now Shane Carwins last fight was a pain to watch

  • Can anyone say Lombard vs Weidman for hypetrain derailing bout ?!?!

    • Lombard is 1-2 in the UFC with a win against a guy not ranked top 10 while Weidman is 5-0 with two top 10 wins.
      One may be hype the other is proven

      • yea, i know their records, and was only making a crack because i saw he lost. i did not see the fight yet, but reading I Chokes comments, now I want to watch. I just find it a bit funny how he goes smashing on lower competition and gets the train going, then cannot finish a mid level opponent in UFC. Still curious of him vs Weidman, although it does not make sense with their records, Weidman is above him. But sounds like Lombard has fought a higher tier than Chris at mid weight too. Who is Chris' best ? Munoz…

    • Lombard got robbed again. The only thing Okami did in that first round was score a couple of take downs that he did nothing with and Lombard got right up. Lombard beat up on Okami for most of that round. Rounds 1 and 3 were clear wins for Lombard and Okami took round 2. There might be an argument for calling round 2 a 10-8 round which would be a draw but there is no way Okami won that fight.

      • Thank you… !! i co-sign on that.. its the SECOND time Lombard got robbed in the UFC! It's a damn shame…

      • Me Three. I thought Okami was robbed as well.

  • Thank God, for the Hunt and Silva fights. They saved that card, last night.

    If we compare this week's UFC and Bellator cards, Bellator won (IMO). Out of 11 fights, only 3 were stoppages, where on Thursday night Bellator, they were almost all (9 out of 11) stoppages.

    Two weeks in a row, Bellator has won the MMA Wars.

    Heck man, even Bellator's color commentary was better than The UFC's. As much as I like Kenny Florian, he and the "other" guy (I don't even know his name, I'd have to look it up and I can't be bothered) could put the most sleep-challenged individual on the planet to sleep. For me, every fight not called by Rogan and Goldie is a snooze, in terms of play-by-play calling. They are easily head-and-shoulders, the best color team in MMA. And where I don't notice it so much with Bellator, because (one) I am not anticipating or expecting to hear Rogan and Goldie, I really notice it when I watch The UFC and they are not calling the fight. As far as I am concerned, they are the best in the business and can take an average card and make it sound exciting. And with the exception of the top of the card last night, the broadcast could have really used the (verbal energy) boost.

    • Hunt and Silva were most def. not the ONLY exciting fights last night…

      • @ The

        Agreed, they were not the only exciting fights on the card, but they saved the card. IMO. Either of the top two fights could have been FOTN. Other than that, I'm not sure what would have been nominated.

        At the end of the day, 4 of the 5 fighters / fights that I was interested in went as hoped for. The only one of the 5 to fail (for me) was Lombard. Other than that and all-in-all, I have nothing to complain about. 🙂

  • The most impressive thing about the Hunt V Struve fight was Hunt's vastly improved submission defense and wresting. I thought for sure that if the fight went to the ground Hunt would be finished in seconds.

    • @ ICP

      Spot on. My sentiments, exactly. Hunt's TDD, get-back-up game, his reversal game, heck man, he nearly had Struve in a crucifix twice. I'm not saying it's Cain Velasquez worthy or threatening, but man, if he can repeat that against others in the division, then that Samoan is going to be a load for anyone to handle and that includes Cain.

      I'm with you, man. When they hit the canvas the first time I thought…there goes the fight, no way he wins, now. And shock of shocks, he was able to reverse and get back up. He was also able to deliver serious ground shots, too.

      Personally, I can't say enough about Hunt's improvement on the ground. I loved it.

  • Oh, and Hunt's next fight should be against the winner of Mir V Cormier to decide the next #1 contender after the winner of Dos Santos V Overeem.

    • Or the winner of Werdum V Noguiera

      • I agree… but i hope he doesn't try to go to the ground with either of him, he'll get choked the **** out! (especially by Werdum)

  • I am going out there and say that I dont like that random brawling stile of fighting anymore….MMA evolved and that Russian roulette **** does not cut it anymore…..

    • I was of two minds watching the Silva vs. Stann fight.

      On one hand, I was thrilled to see them both banging away with such abandon–but on the other hand, I saw that this was not the most technically brilliant display of MMA. The Russian roulette analogy was apt–as I believe the fight depended more upon luck than skill as to the outcome.

      Both of these fighters were seasoned vets–yet they were banging away like new recruits more concerned about impressing than in winning.

      What attracted me about MMA is that it is a close to a real fight as is legally possible. In a real fight–I mean a serious fight–you don't fight to please the crowd–you fight to win–by whatever means necessary.

      In a serious fight–it may start for honor–but it quickly becomes a fight for survival. In a real fight you minimize damage to yourself and maximize damage to your opponent. It is a tightrope walk of risk. You can't damage your opponent without risking damage–but you can't dance around all night either. Intelligent aggression–devoid of emotion seems to garner the most success.

      In baseball–I suppose the commsioner could let it be known that more home runs are needed since they are more entertaining than no-hitters–and perhaps ptichers would serve up entertaining fastballs right across the plate. After viewing multiple home runs–some fans might legitimately question whether this is the best of baseball.

      The analogy could work similarly for many competitive sports.

      That is why the principal of winning is so important to sports–you know when the sports participants are there to win first and entertain second–that you are seeing the highest level of the sport.

  • ********WOW!

  • 5 words Dana:DO NOT CUT BRIAN STANN! Oh to heck with it,here's the rest-he doesn't deserve to get cut,didn't you say that you like the guys that always bring it&come to fight? Well there you go! That's what I call a WAR!!!

    • Stan won't get cut. Are you kidding me, win or lose if you swing for the fences and make for an exciting fight these days, you are IN. They only cut top 5 guys like Fitch.

  • Thanks to the audience for making this a most enjoyable ufc evening.

  • Gomi got ROBBBBBED!

    Sanchez did not look himself either…