UFC on Fox 8 Staff Predictions


Jake Ellenberger vs. Rory MacDonald:

Mike Drahota: On paper, this is one of the best fights the ultra-talented UFC Welterweight division can put together. Both fighters are well-rounded and present great standup games, marking the distinct possibility for an entertaining war. The x-factor here, to me, has to be the odd lead up to the fight where Ellenberger talked a ton of awkward trash and MacDonald just kind of said, “whatever.” It seems like Ellenberger is trying to very hard to get inside the younger MacDonald’s head, but he may have gotten inside his own. ‘The Juggernaut’s” gas tank may be his only downfall, so I’ll have to go with MacDonald via unanimous decision.

Rory Kernaghan: Ellenberger vs. MacDonald is a very interesting fight, and not just because of the trash talk. Both guys are heavy hitting animals, who have also been finished by strikes. I expect a tentative first round, followed by a bloodbath in round two. After some back and forth I expect to see Ellenberger knock the fade off of Rory Mac via a huge left hook. Ellenberger by KO in round two, winning FOTN and KOTN.

Brian Cox: This is a fight that could see either or opponent face down on the canvas. I think the question in this fight will be, can Ellenberger connect with his power and will his wrestling prove effective? I think for Jake to win this fight he has to push MacDonald into the “phone-booth” and beat him up. MacDonald on the other hand is more technical (everywhere) and is like an automaton in the cage. I believe that Rory will have the skills to stay-away from Jake’s power and will nullify his wrestling and will end-up picking Jake apart. MacDonald Round 3 TKO.

Demetrious Johnson vs. John Moraga:

Mike Drahota: I can’t remember a UFC title fight that’s gone under the radar more than this bout, as the flyweight division is still struggling to gain footing with casual MMA fans. That said, the division has a great champion in Demetrious Johnson, who’s a great athlete and technician. His opponent John Moraga is a tough brawler from Arizona, but I don’t see anything other than a ‘Mighty Mouse’ unanimous decision win here.

Rory Kernaghan: Demetrious Johnson is a future great in the UFC, in my opinion. He will face, in John Moraga, a very tough and dynamic opponent, but not one that he can’t handle. I expect Might Mouse to use his speed and agility to outpoint Moraga en route to a UD victory.

Brian Cox: Both fighters are talented and fast. Both fighters can fight everywhere and neither are overwhelming finishers. I think this will be go the distance and end by decision. In light of that, I have to go with Johnson. He truly is a “Mighty Mouse” and as he has never been KO’d or submitted, I don’t see him losing a decision to Moraga. Johnson will probably get on his bike and run around him all night, out pointing his opponent. Johnson by unanimous decision.


  • Mouse by UD and Canadian Psycho by UD. I say MacDonald begrudgingly because I can't stand him and hope Jake knocks his head off, but don't see it happening.

  • I doubt very much a tentative first round followed by a second round KO could have any chance of being FOTN Rory. I think the title fight with mighty munchkin will be FOTN. Anyone who has followed this guy knows he is the real deal and fights with a technique and pace that is truly astounding. Ellenberger / Mac Donald could easily be FOTN with their styles but not with any tentative first round and second round KO. Mac Donald has looked supreme in the majority of his fights and it will be interesting to see how he fares as an on song Ellenberger is a match for all but the very best in the division. Pity he won't fight George. Maybe give him Maia next if he wins and Dana demand it is a title qualifier. Also be a great test for Maia also.

  • "Ellenberger by KO in round two, winning FOTN and KOTN"
    That is a bold bold statement.

    I would like to see it because I think Jake should be next in line to fight GSP
    However, if Rory wins, then that makes the welterweight division a circus. Rory will undoubtedly be the #1 contender. But, he has said many times he wont fight GSP. Therefore, GSP will probably fight the #2 contender which isn't how MMA should go.

    • Hendricks could change everything with one-punch.

      • Serra's got the t-shirt already for that. So has GSP. I doubt he wants another and will be making sure he doesn't get one as GSP is by far the better fighter, same as he was against Serra. Doesn't mean Hendricks cannt finish GSP he has pure dynamite in both hands, but we've seen many fighters with dynamite get owned by savvy world class fighters (I still can't work out how the judges didn't give Condit the win as he won by miles IMO) and GSP is the most savvy, and a p4p world class talent. He gets criticised from many quarters with hsi lack of finishes yet he dominates – really dominates – in most cases against the best one of the best divisions in MMA ever, has to offer.

        I said before it's a pity Mac Donald won't fight GSP as he has looked like a new breed of fighter, and this fight against Pyle will be almost as tough a test as Condit was for him (a test he lost ultimately to btw) and is now a much improved fighter so a betting man would take Mac Donald by quite a sum, but Pyle is dangerous and if he's on form this is no gimme by a long shot.

  • Johnson via UD
    Ellenberger via KO/TKO
    Lawler via KO/TKO
    Carmouche via Submission.

  • I would like to see Rory win but will we end up with another Daniel Cormier/Cain Velasquez situation….?????

    • Hmm…I'm not so sure about that, big guy. My Spidey senses tell me that something could be afoot.

      • Staff predictions? What does this have to do with boating or jousting? Wait, where am I? Is this the personnel department?
        Sorry Im delirious from moving stuff to the new place, worn out
        Whats up that "big guy" reference there sport? lol j/k

      • @Brian…For example??? are you talking Rory stepping up and fighting GSP, GSP retiring after big rig, Rory moving to Middleweight, or Rory just hanging back like a lost sailor and waiting until GSP retires ??

        They are the four possibilities.

        • I guess we wont really know until GSP faces Big Rig.

  • (If Macdonald wins) GSP gets Injured and Macdonald fights Hendricks for the interim belt, he wins then defends vs. Nick Diaz and again vs. Condit, then GSP just retires following the win vs. Condit and Macdonald is the undisputed WW champ, also p4p rank 3 behind Jones/Weidman… Would a funny story but I doubt it, Ellenberger beats Macdonald and gets a title shot after GSP's rematch vs. Hendricks; gets KO'd twice in a row and fight Anderson Silva in a retirement bout. Ellenberger vs. Hendricks is the fight I'm looking for haha, match up between the heaviest hands at 170.

  • GSP vs Ronald McDonald winner gets a happy meal