UFC on FOX 5: Ben Henderson dominates Nate Diaz


Ben Henderson has defended his UFC Lightweight title for the second time, this time beating Nate Diaz at the KeyStone Arena in Seattle, Washington.

Diaz had celebrated his 17th fight inside the Octagon, but it was Benson Henderson who methodically picked his opponent throughout all five rounds. Henderson looked balanced and well-rounded in every aspect of Mixed Martial Arts, which made every offensive move executed by Diaz too predictable.

As always, Nate Diaz continued the tradition by taunting his opponent throughout the fight, but then again, Henderson stayed concentrated on his goal to leave the arena victorious. Towards the end of Round 3, such taunting nearly cost Diaz a fight, when Ben Henderson timed-in a strong punch that dropped the challenger.

Ben Henderson step-by-step establishes himself as one of the most dominant champions in UFC history. In fact, he’s one fight away from levelling BJ Penn’s record of three title defenses. Henderson’s MMA record now on a six-fight winning streak, with a professional Mixed Martial Arts record of 18 victories and 2 losses.

The last man to defeat Benderson is Anthony Pettis, who’s expected to go toe-to-toe with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in January. While Henderson vs. Pettis II is a very intriguing match-up, Cowboy Cerrone surely has plans of his own. Another interesting candidate for the belt could come from Strikeforce – Nate Diaz’s friend and training partner Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez. Two-time title challenger Gray Maynard could also get himself into the mix, if he manages to make a statement against Joe Lauzon at UFC 155.

So LowKick’ers, what did you think about the main event? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • The title says it all.

  • Outmatched.

  • great card, was highly entertained.

    maynard vs bendo would be a great fight!

    do people still believe diaz has a chance against gsp?
    gsp found the "safe" way out agains the goat

  • How does Benson talk about being a finisher with a straight face?
    Beside not having a single finish in the ufc the guy is still attacking a leg in the 4th and 5th rounds? Like thats really going to help finish?

    And BJ never stood a chance, if he wanted to come back so bad he should have at least done it at lightweight.

    • Benson dropped Nate multiple times and absolutely smashed his lead leg. He may not have deserved his wins over Frankie, but this was an absolutely dominant performance and he deserves credit. I can't even remember when the last time was that I saw such a one sided 5 round beat down, probably Aldo v Faber.

      • He kicked Diaz's ass but he couldnt finish…

        • So? Finishing Nate is really, really hard and Henderson came closer than anyone in recent memory. And it's not like Benson was stalling, he kept attacking and dropped Nate in the 4th. That was just a masterful performance, period.

          • he didnt finish……. but at least he tried(unlike gsp)

          • Agree with gods. Ben is not finishing but don't act like he is fighting a conservative fight. The guy throws his hands with bad intentions. He deserves a lot more credit than a lot of people give him.

          • Like him or not, Bendo has never been in a boring fight unlike some Lay and pray artists out there. He doesn't even know what the word "conservative" means when it comes to fighting.

          • I never said he doesn't try to finish and I even pointed out he really went for it in this fight, I'm just saying if your going to keep going on about being a finisher then you should finish fights… Ken Flo said it and look at his record of finishes

    • Yea that gets me annoyed how basically in every post-fight interview Ben talks about how "his style is to finish fights" and how he comes to finish… he looked more aggresive tonight but he is still a decision fighter and hasn't stopped someone in years.
      It's always talked about how he is so much bigger and stronger than his opponents, how come he can;t finish any of them then?

      • @keithfarrel

        i hope your more critical of gsp saying he PROMISES to finish "this" time

        • GSP comes out in the post fight and says he does what he can with his body while Bendo shouts (after one of the Frankie fights)
          "I come to finish fights"!.

      • Seriously. That is so embarassingly un-accurate. Against one of the fastest guys ever in MMA ( Edgar ), yea, Ben did what he needed to scoot by, could not pour on much more heat without getting tagged and out pointed. However, against Diaz, he was full on throwin to damage and hopefully finish, but Nate is no joke. He can take a beating. Benson was on par, game on , all night, fighting to destroy Nate, and did as good as good can get. GSP on the other hand , (mentioning him as another non-finisher ) has not given that much effort to finish a fight. He clearly fights more safe, wrestling as a neutralizer, a sub attempt here and there, but not enough, and punches, for points, never for damage. ( Comparing the 2 is obvious at this point in this post as others are) . Henderson , although not succeding in finishing, is much more about fighting for the finish , than GSP has been in years.

    • He said he is a finisher at heart and always goes for it. He truly does and we can see that from his blistering performances. Nate was in trouble quite a few times.

  • You've been Hit by
    You've been Struck by
    A Smooth criminal !!

  • Dominates is a strong word.

    Ben won.

    • No dude, that was pure domination. Nate did nothing in the fight except for a few taunts lying on his back with his legs open. However, Benson could have finished the fight in any round as he landed some very significant hammer fists. I wonder why did he let the fight end up in a decision….

      • @grandslam

        you should ask gsp why he lets fights end up in a decision

        bendo was close to finishing several times

        • Please buddy, give up on GSP. You're obsessed with him (and me?) and it's driving you insane. No offense, but you've been going on and on for far too long and it's getting a little boring now. Let's call it quits, Please!

    • Henderson outlanded Diaz 124-30 with significant strikes and landed 12 TDs. That was pure domination. And I say that as a fan of the Diaz brothers' fighting style.

  • One of the main trends we saw in the 3 bouts at the top of the card was the importance of versatile striking in modern MMA. Shogun, BJ and Nate all had a pretty one dimensional approach with their standup, while Rory, Alex and Bendo all mixed things up well with kicks, knees, elbows and work from the clinch. You simply cannot be one dimensional with your striking anymore. Heavyweight is probably a slight exception to this, thanks to the fact that those guys have so much power and really only need one punch to get a finish.

  • Congratulations Anton. You did it again 🙂

    • Unbelievable… maybe I'm bringing a curse on those fighters?

      • The good thing is that you're consistent and you should be proud of it.

  • Well done to the champ, he has finally got a legit win in a UFC title fight.
    Benson looked solid in the fight – in all areas, he impressed me.

    The thing is though how long will he keep the belt? He won with wrestling against Nate who is a, along with his brother, notably weak wrestler (for elite MMA) and with leg kicks on a guy who refused to defend them and only boxes.

    I'm not flaming any fighter from tonight, I just mean the champ's performance didn't show me he could beat Pettis who is a really good wrestler and probably better kicker.

    I think if Frankie comes back up he'd win again

  • Also, is it official that the way to beat a Diaz is to leg kick the hell out of them? Seems to be pretty damn effective on both brothers

    • gsp will HUMILIATE diaz

    • Ben landed a bunch, but those weren't the story of the fight. After he dominated with takedowns, and clinch work early Nate was second guessing everything.

  • GOOD FIGHTS…But they need to do something about this FOX thing…I'm Getting all into the fights then they CUT into 7mins of tv commercials…I understand it pays the bills but DAMN….Also now they have inside commercial reference,like Mike Goldberg talking about Football stuff or EVERY UFC fighter going Metro ….Trying too brainwash me or something…Damn I need a beer…This is brought too you by Miller…

  • Onemoreround and some others. Thank you for ruining Lowkick. This is my last post here until the troll wankers get a life.

    Nate didnt deal with the leg kicks making it impossible to get his boxing underway. Good job by Henderson but he shouldnt have been defending Frankies belt anyway. Shame to see Penn getting out classed by bigger, stronger, younger and tremendously talented fighters. He needs to fight at LW or call it quits. he does himself a disservice trying to prove himself against bigger guys.

  • The problem with the Diaz bros is that they are really talented fighters, but their main strategy is trying to bully or piss off fighters into fighting their fight, Nate tried it with rory McDonald and we saw what happen, he tried it with cowboy and it worked, didn't work last night. This guys gotta really use their talent an get rid of that stupid street mentality or they're never gonna hold a belt in the UFC, I mean if you wanna taunt and flip ppl of in a fight go to the back alley of the 711 and fight some bum or kimbo slice. For that fact am always happy to see a Diaz get their asses kicked any day.