UFC 167: Georges St. Pierre Eeks By Johny Hendricks In Controversial Fashion


UFC 167’s long-awaited Welterweight showdown between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks is in the books and St. Pierre retained the belt in what was without a doubt the toughest fight of his storied career.

The bout was billed as one of the biggest bouts in what has been arguably the greatest year in the history of the UFC. St. Pierre had a multitude of potential UFC records on the line, including most wins. Let’s take a look back at St .Pierre’s controversial win.

When the fight began, St. Pierre looked to pump his jab. He went for his patented double leg and got it, going for two guillotine chokes. The two fighters clinched and GSP landed knees and punches to the body.

The fight was restarted and Hendricks landed a big shot. St. Pierre pushed “Bigg Rigg” up against the cage, but Hendricks landed some big elbows. Hendricks took St. Pierre down against the fence and went to work. St. Pierre got back up quickly but ate a knee. GSP threw a front kick and avoided a hook. The champ threw a high kick as Hendricks threw some big shots that didn’t land clean.

The second round saw St. Pierre pump the jab. Hendricks pushed forward with a flurry but St. Pierre kept him at bay with his kicks. Hendricks hit GSP with a hard uppercut that hurt the champ. “Bigg Rigg” followed with a torrent of shots that wobbled GSP, pushing him against the fence. GSP threw his jabs and Superman punch, finding his range a bit. The combatants traded big shots, with “Bigg Rigg” smiling one off. St. Pierre threw a good head kick as Hendricks began to noticeably slow down.

When the third round kicked off Hendricks landed a good knee. He went to the body with a hook and a kick. St. Pierre responded with a good counter. A heated exchange followed, with both fighters landing clean shots. GSP threw a good right hand but ate a big shot. St. Pierre went body-head twice, showing very crisp striking. Hendricks missed a double leg but immediately secured a single leg takedown to land on top, but GSP got back to his feet.

The fourth round saw more of GSP landing his jab. St. Pierre slipped and Hendricks swarmed into St. Pierre’s guard. He smothered St. Pierre with good shots, but let the champion back up. Hendricks threw his big uppercut and some great counter hooks. St. Pierre was bleeding badly but stalked “Bigg Rigg” down. GSP fought hard to avoid a takedown and push Hendricks up against the cage. It was a very good round for the challenger.

GSP was in bad shape heading into the fifth round. He grabbed Hendricks’ leg but ate several uppercuts for his effort. Hendricks went for a kimura but GSP slipped out. St .Pierre hit Hendricks with a big right and got a takedown. Hendricks recovered and reversed GSP’s attempts to grind him against the cage. The bout was restarted and GSP went for a headkick. St. Pierre went for and got another takedown. The champ went for a late kimura but didn’t get anywhere close to finishing the hold.

It was a war but a battered GSP took home the split decision. St. Pierre stepped away from MMA for a bit in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. There will be a heated discussion to follow. What were your thoughts on the judges’ decision?

  • Whoa!!! Hendricks got


    • FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hendricks is the NEW WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Straight up higher robbery. Hendricks is the UFC WW champ.

        • Highway robbery*

        • Huge fan of GSP and do believe he is 2ND best in the world tonight but what genuine champion at heart says oh im going to take a break for a little,WTF! Champions fight until they are DONE,thats why every champion in any sport goes out losing because its in their heart to keep going until they cant do it anymore, GSP is 32 and still top 2, i think the pressure of losing sent him into this temporary retirement!

    • GSP better relinquish that belt, Have Johny fight Robbie for the title, George can fight to get it back when he come back and stops being so scared to lose, i like GSP but i think 50% of why he is leaving is really personal reasons and the other 50% is him wanting to get while he can without losing get all the pressure off of him then come back, the guy is only 32 if you think he is retired think harder!

    • Well Hendricks deserve to lose, because 1. he was clowning around where he coulda easily finish GSP , he didn't try to finish he was waiting for an opening instead of going after it and 2. now he knows what it feels to get robbed by the judges like Condit got robbed against him when Condit beat Hendricks but still he got the title fight .
      anyway it doesn't matter cuz GSP is probably not coming back, and the division is stack! Condit for Champion!

      • 10 sharps for you.
        Conduit was robbed and should fight for the belt.
        Hendricks calling the belt his is laughable; the belt is still on the champ's waist.

      • The Condit "robbery" was ten times less blatant than what happened tonight. At least you could argue the takedowns were in Johnny's favour. Tonight though was frickin ridiculous!!!

        • Quite the opposite Dabs. Condit was blatantly robbed as it wasnt even close. This fight was close on the contested rounds. 2 and 4 hendricks 3 was GSP 1 and 5 either way so not really a huge robbery like many think. Overall hendricks won, I doubt there are few that dispute that but round by round scoring means he didnt.

          I and others have long said the fight should be scored as a fight from start to finish. Have rounds for the rest breaks and such but judging should be for the entire fight not each round.

          I've been trying to find a site that has the fight to rewatch it as was very tired last night so would like to analyse rounds 1 and 5 a bit more because they are the contentious rounds.

      • But watch out for Brandon Thatch. Strikingly similar to Carlos with the lenght and fighting style but I think Thatch had more tightness to his technique especially defensively.

      • Well Said, Dana didn't make a big deal in that fight because Condit isn't as exciting as Hendricks. IF GSP is going through something in his personal life then let him take care of it. Hendricks proved he is a second rate champ by saying he was just fighting him at 70%. Who says that. The dude is a lame.

        • He didn't say he was fighting him at 70% He said he was throwing his punches at 70% to save gas. MANY fighters throw punches at well under 100%. He wasn't saying he was 70% from injury or just not trying. BIGGGGGG difference

    • I am GSP huge fan and i was so upset cos he lost and started to think about the rematch, then i heard the WTF moment!!!! clearly Hendricks won 1,2,4 rounds..these judges ruining the bloody sport!!

      • As soon as I heard it was a split decision I knew Hendricks was getting robbed. I'm literally going insane over the ridiculous calls, I understand some are close and hard to call and come down to small variables I probably didn't totally look at, but fights like tonight there is NO way to justify the call. I'm going to make a twitter just to tweet Dana White, someone needs a way to get to the commission. I got to see the fight and enjoyed it so I don't feel like I wasted my money, but as the same time I feel like time after time I spend money and the judges **** (other word for ***********) it up

      • 2 and 4 definately. Round 3 GSP definately. Rounds 1 and 5 both close and could have gone either way. It wasn't that much of a robbery as some make out.

        Overall I thought Hendricks had won but with round by round scoring it is not nearly as much of a robbery as many seem to think.

        Hendricks should learn from Condit how to carry himself when he feels he has been robbed and not cry like a baby. Even if the judges had awarded him the win Condit would have soon taken the belt from him.

        In other news, Robbie Lawler threw a huge spanner in the Mac Donald works.

        I do hope GSP offers Hendricks a quick rematch to settle this issue as I doubt he wants this lingering over his head while he takes a break and then if he needs a lengthy absence I hope he relinquishes the belt (assuming he still has it) and when coming back fights at least one contender bout before being given a crack at it.

    • Hendricks should have won but we've seen it before. Machida shogun 1. The judges will always side with the champ. The contender has to beat the champ emphatically and put an exclamation point on it to win. He has to go in there and take that belt beyond a shadow of a doubt. Hendricks edged it. I'm not saying it's right but that's just the unspoken rule.

  • Joke! This is the only thing I can say.

  • Damn…. I am the biggest GSP fan. I do believe JH won that fight… damn I am disappointed!

  • Totally robbed!! That belt belongs to Hendricks!

  • GSP just couldn't pull the trigger on retiring haha as for the main event I thought Hendricks won 1,2, and 4 but this is what happens when you let it go to the judges I guess.

  • I give up with this BS. The Judges need to be put in jail.

  • Here comes the rematch….once again.

    • Dana rubs hands together….."Yeah! More PPV buys!"

  • Way to go GSP!!!
    Hendricks is a sore loser, what a chump.

    • sore loser…the dude just schooled a dominant champ. It is what he has worked his career for and two idiots are the ONLY people who thinks GSP won took it away. GSP and Firaz did not think GSP won.

      • Talk is cheap, if he wanted the win all he had to do was knock out the champ like almost everyone on this site said he was going to do; go to the judges and well you what we witnessed tonight.

        • Most only gave Johnny a punchers chance but he actually beat GSP every where except jabbing.

  • Ring the police, there has been a robbery

  • GSP: "I yam nod imprezzed wit my performanz"

  • GSP's face was BUSTED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF the judges thinking! Payday by the Mafia!!!!!!!

  • Hendrinks 1, 2, 4

  • WHAT A JOKE. Hendricks clearly won 50-45,,, at best lost one round, at 10-9….. seriously i hope the UFC is prepared for a lot of lost payper view fights because that was such a robbery it almost seems it could be tied in with the ufc buying out the judges to keep their poster boy… seriously so dissapointed and i know so many other fans are too, i was hollering like hell when the fight ended because that was such a clear win on hendrick's part, i am just blown away at the outcome

    • F**king excellent comment.

  • Hollllyyy shiittt what a night of fights! I have to say as a GSP fan I thought he lost the fight, and was shocked that he won. Can see why he managed to win, but controversial for sure. Fight was unusual without GSP dominating, and I never though Hendricks would come so close to winning a decision. Power left didn't really play much of role either, also surprising

  • "pay per view buys"

  • Robbed Love GSP but WTF Huge Money grab, Ching Ching GSP knows Hendricks had the edge LOL

  • Can anyone think of a worse decision in the History of the UFC….I can't. If that fight was scored 50-45 for Hendricks I would not have been shocked.

    • IDK about in such a big fight, that was 1 of the worst. I think Evan Dunham vs Sean Sherk was 1 of the 1rst I've seen. It's never left my mind lol. For a title fight and on this stage being the 20th anniversary card and all that it's definitely terrible.

  • from the comments everyone here agreed on the same things, how the hell everyone got atleast 3 weaks?

  • We know these judges can't be trusted and so did Hendricks corner, they told him to go and get it in the final round and he didn't ,he let GSP steal the round and in the end the belt. I should have witnessed history being made tonight, the end of an era and start of a new, instead we'll be talking about GSP "retiring" and sh*t judging AGAIN. It's now 5:54am in London, I'm kinda pissed I stayed up to watch this now.

  • Whoever weaked my first comment you are just as delusional as george and his stupid excuse making trainer… seriously go back to school to get some common sense, seriously the biggest robbery ever, that win could and should have changed johnnys life forever for the better, but because of whatever reason behind the judging, getting payed off to vote gsp or whatever, they took johnny's hard earn win and all the training hard work, and suffering he went through away from him. such BULL can't even explain in words.

    • Ironic that you use the word delusional in your comment; Hendricks sounded like a chump in defeat and it was a defeat.
      Suffering is having to listen to Hendricks cry about losing when all he had to do was knock out the champ like almost everyone on this site said he was going to do.

      • wpgshootr: How would you act if you were in Hendricks' position?

        The guy clearly won the fight.

        • UDG,
          IF he clearly won the fight why isn't he holding the belt?
          Firstly I'd shave, and then I'd apologize for not taking the belt and whining about the belt not being given to me.

      • Why the f should you HAVE to knock out the champ to take his belt???!! You imbecile!!! That's like saying GSP didn't win because he didn't get to use his go to lay'n'pray. You delusional fanny face.

        • The knockout is definitive; name calling especially at your elementary level is at best likely to draw out sympathy for your parents and the education system that spit you out.

      • @wpg are you kidding me? sounded like a chump in defeat? In what defeat? Had he lost the fight and sounded like that it's 1 thing. He clearly won the fight and you could see the heart break in his face. Out of all the bad calls I've seen IDK if I've ever felt bad for a fighter like that before. I usually just do a " o wow thats ridiculous, the judges blew it" talk about the judging in MMA. I actually felt bad for the guy. He really earned every bit of that win and he earned the right to have the belt and get to have reached the highest level of the sport. Like someone said before he won the fight allllll around and really had nothing to do with his huge left hand. He just out fought GSP. THAT'S IMPRESSIVE. GSP should have given Hendricks the belt since he's "part time retiring" anyways.

        • Again, for the upteenth time who has the belt?

    • I Know you are Johnny'S brother but u need to relax! Tell Jhonny not to leave to the hands of the judges. Or are you joe "bias" rogan. Hendricks says he wil KO GSP where is the KO??? Cocky cry baby that is what hendricks is.

    • Yes Bull cant explain in in words cause they just mooooohhhhh…bwa hahaha

  • I think GSP fought for real in this fight and put on a great show. I do believe it was forced by the fact that Johnny seemed better on the wrestling end which kept the fight from being 5 rounds of top control. I personally have to watch it again but believed going into R5 that it was Johnnys fight to lose. I personally score damage bigger than position. That is to say I punch that busts a guy up is worth more than a TD that is reversed within 30 seconds while delivering no damage. Johnny said he was not hit with anything good and although he never was hurt he did get a few good punches to the face and kicks to the legs. Great fight, wish GSP all the best but I do believe he lost the fight. I honestly picked GSP to win this by ease except for R1, boy was I surprised Johnny was still truckin at R5 and matching GSPs skills the whole fight.

  • Im gonna stop watching mma if they keep this up. That was the worst decision i've ever seen. Joe Rogan didn't even know what to say… gosh

  • I honestly thought it was 2-2 going into the 5th, and GSP clearly won that round. Very close fight. I don't know how someone can get robbed in a fight as close as this one. I gave GSP rounds 2, 3, and 5. One thing is certain, there isn't a big gap at the top of these divisions and it has really showed over the past 6 or so months. AS loses his belt, Bones wins in a close fight, and now GSP squeaks out a W. Anyways, good job GSP. You showed a lot of heart. Most fighters who get busted up that bad in the 1st usually don't regain their composure, and they definitely don't come back to win the fight.

    For the record, I don't want to hear anyone say GSP can't take a punch anymore. 7 or 8 of the punches he ate tonight would have knocked 95% of the Welterweight division stiff.

    • Also, I really believe GSP fights before the end of 2014. I'm thinking a 9-10 month layoff at the most. Too close of a fight for him to retire and go out like that. Give him 3 or 4 months, and it will be eating him up so bad that he will be itching to get back in the octagon. UFC should make up a new rule that anyone who takes numerous blows to the head should no longer be allowed to speak immediately following a fight lol

      • @GSPfan, I just wanted to respond to your take on the fight and Jones reference. Even though I thought Hendricks won 48-47, it's not impossible I was wrong. I watched the Jones/Gus fight again and I was like WTF was I watching the first time, Jones actually won clearly. Gus will never beat Jones imo, he busted Jones up but never did any damage that could have stopped the fight where as we know Jones did and can. As for GSP I hope your right about him fighting in 2014, that's a rematch I really want to see now, I expect GSP to better next time and Hendricks to be even more hungry and go for broke.

    • Delusional/poor-judgment#GSP@nut_sack

  • WTF! I want to see the stats for Hendricks/GSP. I think Johnny coasted a little in a couple of rounds … to save energy for the championship rounds. But, that being said, he tore GSP up!

    I'm a big fan of them both… but IMO the real champ went home without the belt.

    • Around the end of round 4, GSP had about 20 more significant strikes, and Hendricks didn't show up for round 5

      • Thing is there is "significant" and then there is "significant". GSPs face wore the latter.

        • I understand what you mean man, but to say someone got robbed for busting someone up for 1 out of 5 rounds and landing a very good elbow in another doesn't give this fight much justice. I'm not saying GSP clearly won or busted him up with those significant strikes, but watching the fight as a GSP fan, after they got out of the 1st round, the only time I considered GSP "in trouble" was when Hendricks got on top in the 4th and drilled him with the left elbow.

  • i cant believe people are taking this retirement talk seriously! he was asked over and over are you retired and he said 2wice i need to go away for a LITTLE BIT, if he was done he would have said, the guy is 32! think about it!

  • That what happens when you say " if I touched him with my left his going down" and left it in the hand of the judges.Now the judges start counting the points score in each round.There is no such thing the cleaner the face the winner of the fight.

    • Now don't be bringing in common sense to this discussion, what with the likes of come backs like fanny face floating around.

  • These judges need to be kidnapped and beat up for 25 years….. I can't believe what just happened!

  • First of all before you start whining about losing the fight you should listen to the one and only DANA WHITE …and I quote"NEVER LEAVE IT IN THE HANDS OF THE JUDGES"

  • ok "GSP FAN" I And every other person on this site is not even going to consider taking in what you said about the fight because you are FREAKING DELUSIONAL, like seriously 2-2? in what world did george win 2 rounds in that fight? He Might have edged the 5th but very unlikely, johnny landed more strikes, more take downs, stuffed more takedowns, beat george up on the feet ALLLLL NIGHT, so you SIR can go move to GSP's homeland and go **** on his Nuts some more because seriously thats all i see when i read your post.

    • End of the 4th, GSP had landed 20 more significant strikes. Start of the 5th, Hendricks had 2 takedowns and during the round GSP got his 3rd takedown. Hendricks owned him on the feet all night????HAHAHAAHA. GSP straight up picked him apart in round 3. Go back and watch the fight again. You are a moron, and so is anyone else who takes personally shots at people on a message board. Apparently my opinion on the fight hurt your feelings, so I'm sorry sweetheart. It will be ok.

    • Some guys like you phil will only see and think of s.u.c.k.i.n. nuts when you read other guys posts; this is not the site for your proclivities.

  • So much for the BIG Left hand of Hendricks couldn't KO GSP and Matt Sera did when he was younger..HMMM

  • I think it was closer than some people think GSP and Hendricks were both put on there backs and I think GSP landed more leg kicks than Hendricks so it was a wash both ways!!

  • The Only thing is GSP looks a bit beat up but was never really hurt and Hendricks couldn't get a clean shot .

    • Never hurt? GSP said at the end of the fight he can't see out of his right eye and doesn't remember most of the battle…. did we watch the same fight? LOL

    • You might wanna watch the post fight press conf. and hear what GSP himself has to say about that….

  • Before saying anything…wow, on the response on this thread . It speaks to the controversy of the decision.

    As an ardent GSP fan…that was crap.

    Hendricks beat Rush. It's that plain and simple.

    • If even Brian Cox, the man who has stated he will always be rooting for GSP thinks Hendricks won….well that says a lot.

    • Well said, BC.

    • You did what I couldn't do. Respect. I still think Anderson has never lost and has defended his belt 12 times.

  • 2 judges gave GSP the first round… who hires these fuccin Crackheads???? the first round??? WTF… the 3rd was close in all honestly that could've went GSP's way.. but NO FUCCIN way that he took the 1st!

    • Round 1 was close. I dont see how Hendricks clearly owned him in round one. GSP landed great knees to the body, head kicks, hendricks some great knees to the thigh and some good elbows in the clinch. Could have gone either way. Round 2 hendricks owned GSP. ROund 3 GSP owned Hendricks. Round 4 Hendricks clearly edged the round, Round 5 close again, probably GSP clearly edging it though could have been called either way.

      I think what this article proves is how many haters there are. Yes, if you socred the fight overall as a single fight without round by round scoring, you'll be hard pushed to find anyone who thinks GSP won it, myself included as I thought Hendricks won, but round by round it isn't nearly as clear cut and like many have said, don't leave it in the hands of the judges and against the champ you gotta do more than simply edge it, you gotta take the belt with both hands and rip it from the champ, metaphorically speaking.

      • Dude.. u don't know how to judge a fight. U should apply for a job with the Las Vegas Athletic Commission, they tend to hire the least competent people in the business. You fit their profile, they would love you!! Go get that paper….

        • And you're the expert i take it? I been watching MMA for nearly two decades now, from Cabbage to Cain. What bit of Hendricks won overall fails to resonate with your neuronic processes? If I was to score the fight overall I give it to Hendricks. If I was to score it round by round it could easily go either way. Only haters cry like babies because they so hoped for GSP to lose.

  • Hendricks won this fair and square.. I don't wanna belive the judges are fixed but really? It's really hard to see how they could give the first round to GSP. I mean even if you're paid to..

    But I really wonder whats up with GSP. I hope he ain't ill or anything..

    • I just wish you were the ********* in the picture so I could E-flirt with you……God I hope she isnt under 18…….. 8P

      • H/O/T C/H/I/C/K is censored? I swear to ****

  • GSP fan go watch the post fight presser, and see how pissed off Dana white was about the bs decision, he gave george 1 round, which in my eyes is fair cuz i think the 3rd round was the closest, your comments really can't be taken seriously and without bias considering your name, you and all the other nuthuggers know GSP lost fair and square, no offense to the fans of his who can admit that to themselves and everyone else but you are just one of those bandwagon idiots that is shouting GSP in a drunken rage at the bar only because he's the first fighter you ever heard when you were around all the other nuthuggers. just do everyone a favor and stop posting on how you think Gsp took the win because he didn't, Gsp isn't my favorite and i guess i could say i dont like him as a fighter but i do respect him for what he does but he, his corner, you and all the other gsp follower's know he clearly lost.

    • Actually he won. It doesn't matter what you think, or what I think, he is still the champ. Get over it. Stop having such a had on for GSP and you might pull some day.

    • I watched it already. When isnt Dana White pissed off over something? I dont care if he thinks GSP won the fight or not. I dont base my point of view on other's opinions. To reply to your bandwagon statement, I didnt start following MMA until around the time GSP lost to Matt Serra and I became a fan of his because of how he responded to the loss with class. What kind of person joins a bandwagon following a loss? Ftr, if my comments cant be taken seriously because Im a GSP fan, then yours cant either because of how much you dislike him, which is obvious considering how **** hurt you are over him winning the fight. If the fight was judged on overall damage or was judged as a whole, Hendricks wins, but the thing is MMA fights are judged on round by round, and after watching the fight again, I still think GSP took 3 rounds

  • Thanks for the weaks guys and have a good johnny lost sleep tonight…… AND STILL THE SORE LOSER JOHNNY "cocky crybaby" HENDRICKS!!! Before and after fight he is still arrogant. Be humble for once tsk tsk tsk…

    • gm1

      Hendricks is a crybaby….he was suppose to outwrestle the champ and he wasnt even close…EVEN ALL THE WAY…GSP had more takedowns than Hendricks… UFC website had more significant strikes for GSP….more submission attempts for GSP

  • GSP won – DEAL WITH IT…..Round 1 was close and could have went to GSP….3.GSP won and round 5 he definitely won. I think Hendricks really hurt GSP and got the better of the fight but an argument can be made GSP outpointed him especially since most people thought GSP won 3 and 5.

    Personally, I thought Hendricks won 3-2. On another note the old guard is really gone, BJ-ANDERSON and now GSP. Since Gsp's layoff he has really looked vulnerable in all 3 fights and that's something we've never seen. Is it the knee? Or is it Jackson is no longer there to corner and assist w camp? I must admit when I heard Fireas telling GSP to Box and wrestle, I thought WTF??? After the first round GSP should have forgot about trying to take Hendricks down…

  • Go to Fight Metrics…. they have Hendricks winning the match (fully agree)


  • I missed this fight but from everything that I'm reading, clearly GSP didn't win in dominant fashion. Can't wait to see the highlights!

    • the fight is on mma-core

      for free if you want to watch it

  • gm1

    Many of you guy kn here couldnt judge a fight at disneyland. Punch stats had GSP ahead. Significant strikes GSP was ahead 101-85…GSP had more takedowns…
    Bunch of freakin cry babies on here… Hendricks should of knocked him out or out wrestled GSP. The two big strengths of Hendricks turned out to be crap…

    • Did you get your stats from fightmetric as well? cause even that had hendricks winning

  • Gsp clearly out struck Hendricks and landed more take downs…using your head to block jabs and smiling like it didn't count doesn't mean the points don't add up .
    Yeah Hendricks was stronger but did not finish and left it down to point scoring decision .

  • One things for certain…GSP took Hendricks best shots. Johnys trick didn't work, so the next fight, knowing this, hes going to have to do something else.

  • Big Rig got BIG RIGGED. Much respect to GSP, but everyone knows who really won.

  • It's kinda funny how the haters weren't out in force crying for mommy that Condit got robbed by Hendricks in a far more controversial judging outcome. It legitimises the fact many are haters.

    This wasn't a robbery, far from it. I think many can't get over the fact they almost came in their pants when Hendricks had GSP rocked but still didn't finish the job. Still, if GSP accepts the rematch ya'll can get ya l'il peckers out again whilst you pray GSP loses.

    Fuc king haters, get over it FFS!!!


    • Okay, ten funnys and whoa did you hit the nail on the head.

  • If Hendricks will star in a movie the title would be "Cry Johnny Cry".
    If he will record a song the title would be " Don't cry Johnny".

  • Watch the fight without sound, detach yourself from the hype train, disassociate yourself from the voice of the public… It was much closer than has been suggested by the herd…