UFC 162 Post-Fight Press Conference: Anderson Silva Needs Time To Decide Next Move


Watch the UFC 162 post-fight press conference from MMA H.E.A.T., where UFC President Dana White and the main card fighters all weigh in on tonight’s epic card that endedwith Chris Weidman shocking the world en route to a TKO victory over the legendary Anderson Silva.

White asks the media to give Silva some room, as he needs some time off to decide just what his next move in fighting will be. While a rematch with Chris Weidman is on the table, Silva said after the fight that he is not going to fight ofr the title any longer. White also had high praise for Cub Swanson who fought a battle with Dennis Siver, ultimately winning by TKO and getting a Fight of the Night bonus in the process.

Weidman explained his confidence and how he felt when Silva began to clown him, noting that he just told himself to stand his ground and hit him. Only the future will tell what the great champion Silva will decide, as many are already saying that he looked like he just gave the win to Weidman.

However, Dana White thinks that once Silva has had time to let the loss sink in, he will want nothing more than the rematch. What do you think? 

  • "as many are already saying that he looked like he just gave the win to Weidman." – In my honest opinion, Weidman took the win via K the fcuk O.

    • not that he purposely gave it, but i could ko him should he clown like that. take nothing from either fighter, they are both champs, but that was not a fight, period. silva did not do what he does. if there is a rematch, he better take it seriously, and if so, win or lose, i respect both .

      • come on you, KO anderson silva if he did that? i dont think so

        • He may be able to. Anderson was clowning while paying no attention to range at the end.

          • In all honesty, he was using head movement attempting to avoid, but Chris's reach made short work of that, plus Chris threw like 5 punches continuously because Anderson pizzed him off.

  • It's hard for me to believe that if Silva took the fight seriously, he would have lost. Obviously he clowned around one too many times. It's a shame he lost that way. I feel like I didn't get a chance to see who was the better fighter.

    • Couldn`t agree more!!
      It is a shame!! Why the ****? He is making mma looking like wwe. It is fu..ed up 🙁

  • Seriously I am so sad about this night….. what about anyone watching mma for the first time tonight? They prob think it is a show.Anderson is a retard.

  • All those guys around the world training their asses off……and a Clown (even if he is so talented) makes it look like a circus show.

    • Listen to what Wiedman said about Silva's TACTICS. He knows what he is talking about.

  • Anyone that thinks that Anderson lost on purpose is just stupid. Anderson gave the belt away in the sense that he got caught clowning too much but he did not intend to lose. Come on! On the other side of that coin, if Anderson had taken Chris more seriously he would have won. Before the KO Anderson was stuffing take downs like they were nothing and was generally doing the same thing he did to Bonnar. This should be Andys GSP V Serra moment but he is a bit old so maybe not.

    • Not even close. He landed four or five good strikes the entire fight, and Chris landed in the 20s. All the clowning wasn't showing superiority. It was showing he had no answer for Chris.

      • You are off the reservation on this one. Wiedman may have outlanded him but it wasn't to the point you state and many of them were landed because Anderson let him the same way he let Bonnar. Anderson pretty much landed at will in the second when he wanted to. The clowning was the used the same way Andy always uses it.

        • what, a slap kick Choke? I cant agree.

      • +10 Evan.

  • anderson not taking a rematch is not an option for dana. the dude is standing up there clearly pissed he lost and trying to kiss silvas *** so he would fight again and make him money. i just feel bad for chris that he wont get any respect until he beats silva again and they have no choice but to give it

    • Chris will get respect if he beats some more of the top guys which in my opinion will be a hard task for him. I really don't see him as the best MW right now.

      • Wiedman isn't the best but he is definitely at least #2 and I think he stacks up well with anyone at MW. That said he will not win the rematch unless Silva fails to show up. The kid has my respect I just don't think last night was anything more than a repeat of Serra's win over GSP and I think Silva comes back the same way.

        • I want to see Chris fight Vitor, Bisping, and Okami. If he beats any 2 of those 3, I will consider him the real deal. I like his wins over Maia and Munoz but yesterday showed me nothing. I'm not sure if Silva even wants it anymore. He doesn't show any desire to be champ anymore. I hope Chris fights soon. I'm wanting to see more from him. He has all the potential and I'm dying to see how this all plays out.

        • Yes, Weidman is definitely the #2 best MW as of right now.

  • What had me confused is that when he was being interviewed by Joe at the end of the fight, he kept saying that he was tired, didn't want to defend the belt anymore, blah blah…yet turns around and says he has 10 more fights left and wants to keep fighting, just not for the belt. Why would he want to keep fighting but not be the champion? If his plan was to just do big money fights, wouldn't him losing kind of ruin those plans? He no longer can be considered the p4p king the UFC said he was so any superfights he could have done are no longer as interesting.

    • The dude had just recovered from getting KOd. Do you really think he was thinking clearly?

    • He can still be Nuber 1 P4P king. A loss doesn't equal disqualification unless it is a measurable loss not caused by his own stupidity. He might just want to fight for no pressure fun from now on and do what Randy did and just take fights that interest him.

      • I disagree Falcon, I'm NUBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

  • 1) Anderson got caught up in his own legacy
    2) Chris Wasn't joking around and is a good fighter
    3) Anderson definitely did not want to get knocked out but is tired of sitting by a brick wall, he want's to move on but I don't believe he wanted to just lose.
    4) Anderson state's he does not want the rematch but I'm sure he will get talked into doing it for the money and his training partners will probably convince him to go out there and get the title back for his legacy.

    If he won tonight and gave the title away then the ppv's would be substantially more for his planned "super fights" but first time MMA watchers probably won't wanna see him fight again just because of his "Showboating" style. Anderson is still one of my all time favorite fighters, last night was very hard to watch but Chris is a beast and much younger. I just hope Chris doesn't get caught up in the hype like the rest and lose.

    P.S Vitor stop saying it's your time, no it's not your time.. it's time for new champions that are much younger and a lot more hungry.

  • Silva deserved to lose that fight for acting the way he acted last night, however that was not a fight. I guess he was just tired of being a champ, therefore he thought it was best to give the fight away.

    I think it's time for the G.O.A.T to retire now.

    • true but he has 10 more fights to make cash

  • Anderson Silva is Anderson Silva. Chris Weidman is Chris Weidman. Understand the difference. Nobody want's to lose but many want to move on in life. It's like being at a office job, you don't want to lose your job because you are making money and supporting your family but it ***** and you want to move on, you're tired of doing the same thing. In this case for Anderson he is tired of defending the SAME title over and over. Look at the facts Anderson has more title defenses then Chris has fights. It's time for a new chapter in his life.

    • Come on guys, he would have chose a tap out from sub if he actually wanted to lose, no get KTFO while goofin.

    • LOL, the Silva justifications are ridiculous. Want to know the truth? No one is that good in this game, no one is unbeatable. A fight is a fight. Anderson was subbed by B level fighters in Japan, now Anderson has been KO'd by Chris Weidman. That's it.