Travis Browne Is A Little Ticked Off With Fabricio Werdum


Surging heavyweight Travis Browne has an opportunity of a lifetime as he gears up for his battle this Saturday. Fabricio Werdum will stand opposite ‘Hapa’ at UFC on Fox 11, and the stakes are a shot at Cain Velasquez’s crown in Mexico. A little known fact is that Werdum and Browne actually trained together in the past.

The two heavyweights trained together at Affliction warehouse and also Reign Training Center, and Werdum recently implied that he dominated Browne in training. ‘Hapa’ spoke with Fox Sports recently, check out his take on the situation:

“Yeah, it ticked me off a little because I pride myself on being an honest person. He made it seem like he sent me home crying or something. It was nothing of the sort. Not one bit at all, whatsoever. So I don’t understand where he’s going with it. If you’re going to say stuff to the media just to get a little bit of attention, I don’t understand that kind of person.”

Browne’s recollection of events seems to be the exact opposite of the way ‘Vai Cavalo’ made it sound, so perhaps the Brazilian is just trying to get in his head.

“At the time I was happy to get in there and mix it up,” he said. “I used those opportunities to see where I was at as far as sparring, the groundwork and stuff. For me, it was a great way to judge where I was because at the time Werdum was fighting in Strikeforce, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I can hang with that guy. I do well against him.’ I was excited.”

“I guess when there’s a little bit of a history between two fighters it makes people want to watch more. I can understand that. It can be interesting. What has he done differently? What have I done differently. Where are we at in our careers? Why do we think we deserve to fight for the UFC championship? But at the end of the day, as far as him getting into my head, good luck. Saying stuff like that isn’t going to make me fight one way or another. It’s kind of comical to me. I don’t need that to motivate me. I learned in fighting Overeem and Barnett that I’m one of the best in the world. I just have to go out there and perform.”

Browne’s knockout wins over Josh Barnett and Alistair Overeem were as brutal as they were impressive. Many followers have had ‘Hapa’ tagged for title glory since his early days, and a win against Werdum at Fox 11 would certainly confirm those opinions. That being said, it’s always hard to bet against a finisher like Werdum, especially with his improved striking.

Who are you picking for the win at UFC on Fox 11?

  • Well, We'll see.

    Who'll win? is the question at the end of the article. I'm thinking Werdum is not as old school as Barnett and Overeem and he was able to avoid getting his head knocked off by them and Fedor…

    Browne may have hit a plateau in his ascent.

    • D

      Werdum is a fantastic BJJ artist, but he's not a good wrestler. I don't think he's going to be the first guy in UFC history to take Browne down, so this is going to stay standing. Werdum has some very respectable striking skills, and there's a decent chance he could win some rounds against Browne. What he lacks is KO power.

      Browne has serious KO power with a lot of different strikes from a lot of different positions. At some point he's going to put Werdum on the floor with something, and as long as he doesn't dive into a submission, he's going to get the KO stoppage.

  • You have to remember Werdum outstrike Reem, and Reem looked real good against Browne until KO.
    Werdum is a smart fighter, and I don't think he let Hapa KOd him.

    • D

      He did not outstrike Reem.

      He landed more strikes, but his strikes had nothing on them. Everything Reem threw put Werdum on the floor, and Werdum was so afraid of engaging that he spent most of that fight flopping to his back.

      The only things Werdum outdid Reem at in that pathetic excuse for a fight was flopping, smiling, and beckoning.