They’re Back: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Set For UFC 183 On January 31, 2015


After several rumors and much speculation, Anderson Silva has signed on to face polarizing welterweight bad boy Nick Diaz at the UFC’s upcoming Super Bowl weekend pay-per-view (PPV) show, tentatively set to be UFC 183, on January 31,2015.

The UFC just confirmed the announcement, and Dana White posted a picture of himself with “The Spider,” on Instagram, noting that the fight is a done deal:

Former longtime middleweight champion Silva has been out of action since suffering a gruesome broken leg against current champion Chris Weidman in their pivotal rematch at last December’s UFC 168. Prior to losing the belt to Weidman at UFC 162, he famously reeled off the longest win streak in UFC history with an unprecedented 16 straight.

Diaz has been out of action for even longer, his most recent bout a one-sided decision loss to legendary former champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158 in March 2013. Continuously flirting with “retirement” after each passing bout, Diaz also lost his previous bout, a hotly debated UFC 143 decision loss to Carlos Condit for the interim UFC 170-pound strap.

The former Strikeforce champion hasn’t won a bout since he beat a shell of BJ Penn in the main event of October 2011’s UFC 137, but somehow he’s locked up a bout with the No. 1-ranked middleweight in the world.

There’s no arguing that the Stockton bad boy can move the needle, and that’s what this fight is obviously all about.

White was on hand to address the situation, first offering a vote of confidence for Silva’s health:

“He’s 100 percent healthy, he’s kicking again and he feels great. He’s chomping at the bit to get back into the Octagon.”

He then moved on to discuss what beating Silva would do for Diaz’ title shot chances:

“Nick Diaz is a very popular fighter. If he comes in and beats Anderson Silva, he could fight for the title. He’s right in there. It would be a huge, huge win for him.”

Indeed it would. With so many high-profile match-ups set to grace our screens in upcoming months, where does this one rank on your list?

  • Why does Nick even deserve this? Why does this fight even matter? PLZ…

    • 209 Bitch that's why.

      But actually, it doesn't matter per se at all in terms of rankings and titles and Anderson isn't looking to make a title run so it doesnt matter who deserves the fight. It matters because it's a badass fight that a lot of fans (including myself) want to see. That's justification enough.

      • LMAO 51JD51, awesome first sentence reply.
        Who doesnt want to see that? Except maybe the noob up top.

    • Better question is, Who doesn't want to see this fight?


      • Joe Silva and Sean Shelby don't just book fights that make sense on the rankings, for years they have matched up certain fighters purely based on Stylistic Match-ups….Stylistically Diaz vs Silva is one of the best stylistic matchups in the history of the UFC. Anderson would be able to sell any fight ATM, he has a massive fan base and most casual fans would want to see his return fight. Add Nick Diaz to the picture and its a instant sell out, Also what MMA fan doesn't want to see them fight?? It would be an epic fight, both have great boxing and great BJJ. Nick is very tall for 170, he's 6'1 Anderson is 6'2. Both have average wrestling, so takedowns won't be a major factor, it will be a standup war and great for all fans.

        • Good, informative, respectful answer. *Tips hat. I've been an MMA fan since 94 but I just don't see what all the hype is about. Or maybe I'm just tired of Diaz drama. Who has he beat since he came back to the UFC? Penn? Okay?… I would rather see Nick fight Matt Brown. IF he wins, which he won't, he gets the loser of Hendricks/Lawler. IF he wins again, which he won't, he gets the champ. Or he could even go the other route and face Rory or Woodley. But Silva? Ok… then what? If he beats Silva that proves nothing. If Silva beats him it again proves nothing. All it does is open up a speculative conversation about who's past his prime or who's just in it for the money, out of his weight class, not focused, etc. I just don't get it. It seems like the UFC is desperate for mucho dinero. Don't get me wrong it is an interesting fight in and of itself. I get that but it's also pointless to me.

  • It matters because its and exciting fight. Diaz deserves it because he is exciting. It means nothing for either guy. If Diaz loses he lost to the great Anderson Silva. Only Weidman has shown that he even deserves to be there. If he can even hang with him in the striking department that will help his legacy. If he wins…he beat the great Anderson Silva…there will be an asterisk because it is clearly not in SIlva's prime.

    Now if Silva wins…well…its a great tune-up fight before he thrown into the deep end of the pool. Diaz is a big enough name to matter and he won't expose his weakness in the pressure wrestling department that Sonnen and Weidman have exposed. If he loses and this is a trend…well who cares…he is just past his prime. It actually would mean Weidman did not beat prime Silva and he can go down as the GOAT. If he loses and then puts together a comeback..the fight can just be considered ring rust.

    bottom line…both guys like to stand and band and taunt their opponent in various ways. That makes for a fun fight for the fans.

  • This fight is happening for one reason to bring back the excitement and hype to UFC that they have been missing since GSP, Lesnar and Anderson have been out.

    I can't say I'm not excited these are 2 of my favourite fighters in the UFC and I can tell that something exciting is going to happen in this fight. I have a feeling Nick got offered a boat load of cash to comeback for this one.

  • Too long, too elusive, too much power. Diaz plods into Silva like he does, it will be a devastating finish. I don't see any way that Diaz can win.

  • It will just be interesting to see how Silva is moving in the Octagon, if he's even close to his old self yet. But as far as the legitimacy of the fight, if Diaz couldn't finish smaller fighters like Penn, Condit and GSP, he's going to have a tough time with Silva, who will probably be around 205 or more come fight time.

    Diaz is certainly a huge draw and something the UFC needs, but like happened to Chael Sonnen, the trash talk starts to look a bit silly when you stop winning. Yet that hasn't seemed to happen with Diaz, so he's a special fighter.

    Stalking Anderson Silva down is hazardous to your career, however. This is a weird fight. Huge fight, but a weird one.

  • Regardless of the opponent it is a privilege to watch the GOAT fight again….we might never see someone like him again.

  • How many fights has Diaz had at MW?

    I can't recall any yet here is to square off against the best MW to have ever lived, albeit quite old now. But still,Diaz does not belong in there with him.

    If Diaz wins I will be very impressed as not only is Silva bigger and stronger he is also better all round.

  • Funny…if I recall correctly Diaz refused to go up to MW to fight Jason Miller. Interesting.

  • Fuck the haters this will be an exciting fight!

  • Like most of you, I will be looking forward to seeing both these guys back in the octagon. I think it's clever match making by the UFC. Nick is a big draw and a tough out, so it makes for a good come back fight for the Spider….as long as he wins.

    Anderson will be the favorite, and rightly so, the "GOAT" should be able to beat a guy who is barely a top 5 welterweight. Diaz will a challenge, but not too much of one, perfect for a come back fight.

    The risk is that, if Diaz pulls off the upset, where does it leave Silva?

    • Agreed. If, Diaz were to somehow beat Silva… wow! Where would that leave Silva, other than embarrassed, riding a three fight losing streak, and his legacy further damaged.

      Personally, I think anything short of a T/KO victory by Silva and a reasonably quick one at that, will be a victory for Diaz.

  • I expect Silva to devestate nick with legkicks. But Silva had wanted to box nick boxes maybe they will come out testing their boxing. If that is the case it will be much easier for nick to last the distance. Silva has nothing on Andre ward so if nick can hang with him then he could last 5 with Silva. If Silva uses all his assets its harder for nick. Maybe nick has done some solid work on footwork and can keep it moving but like so many said moving strait forward may not be a great plan. Nick not cutting weight seems like he could increase his output and pressure even more. It could be more competitive than it seems if Silva wants to stand in the pocket.

  • I hope Diaz wins to knock the remaining Silva coolaid drinkers down ANOTHER notch.