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Poll: Is The Korean Zombie Already A Title Contender?

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas of USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC title challenger Chan Sung Jung made a shocking return to the octagon last night (Sat., Feb. 4, 2017), blasting Dennis Bermudez with a vicious uppercut to secure an emphatic KO in the main event of UFC Fight Night 104 from Houston.

Although “The Korean Zombie” certainly ate some big shots from “The Menace” in the opening minutes of the bout, the fact that he was able to finish a perennial contender after three-and-a-half long years away from the top levels of MMA obviously speaks volumes about his dedication to the sport and his preparation for the return bout.

After knocking out the No. 9-ranked contender, the sky could be the limit for TKZ in the entertaining UFC 145-pound arena, even if he already has an injury TKO loss to current champion Jose Aldo (which came in his last fight back in 2013). With interim champion Max Holloway currently on the mend and supposedly heading for a title unification bout with Aldo, could The Korean Zombie already be next in line for a title shot?

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  • Juan Diablo

    He had a strong finish last night, but he needs at least a couple more fights before he earns a title shot. He was getting torched until he landed that uppercut. Glad he’s back but lets see him win a fight from beginning to end before we push him to the front of the line

    • McGraw

      I agree a few more fights before talks of title contention. Give him Cub Swanson, Ricardo Lamas or Jeremy Stephens and then we’ll see if he is ready for another championship fight.

  • Byron Mahnke

    I agree it’s too soon for a title shot. But no, he was never in any real trouble at all. If you have seen his fights before his military service, you will know what I mean. His first fight with Leonard Garcia. The 2nd one ended sooner. But this guy can take it. He’s shown it a number of times.

    • McGraw

      Not in trouble? Bermudez connected a few good punches that wobbled and rocked Jung.

      • Bpark89

        You should watch his first fight with Leonard Garcia and you’ll know what he means lol. He’s called the zombie for a reason.

        • McGraw

          getting rocked by a punch doesn’t make one a zombie, nor does a headlock KO from George Roop.

        • McGraw

          Seen it and he lost. You should see what happens to Jung in the next fight after that with George Roop. Wasn’t much of a zombie in the fight, just a corpse.

          • Bpark89

            Now you just a hater.

          • McGraw

            How? if he’s such a zombie then he would’ve eaten that head kick, continued to fight on and live up to his nickname but he didn’t.

            Then the OP says he wasn’t in any danger during the fight with Bermudez but he got stung with punches that rocked and wobbled him.

            You do know that a fighter’s chin eventually deteriorates once they’ve copped some big punches, right?

          • Bpark89

            You need to watch the fight again or get a yourself a pair of glasses. He was hit hard for sure and you can hear the sound of it, but he was nowhere near being finished. You need to stop drinking that haterade now.

          • McGraw

            just because he wasn’t close to being finish doesn’t mean he wasn’t in any danger whatsoever. he got rocked with big punches which means he got put in danger … comprehendo?

            what’s this haterade u keep on bringing up? I’m just telling u facts.

          • Bpark89

            No you’re telling me your own opinions which contradict each other. You agree with me that he was nowhere near being finished, yet he’s still in danger?

            He was hit harder before with more volume and still walked forward. If you saw the first fight with Garcia you would’ve known. I doubt you saw the fight. You went and did a quick google search of his record. You’re an idiot.

          • McGraw

            Getting punched and rocked doesn’t put u in danger?!? You’re talking about the past version of himself from years before. That’s not who he is today. You realise he hasn’t fought in over 3 years right?!?

            I’ve got both his WEC fights, moron. Man, you’re either slow or retarded. Take your head outta your ass.

  • McGraw

    I wanna see him take a few more fights before we talked about title contention. Give him Cub Swanson, Ricardo Lamas or Jeremy Stephens and then we’ll see if he is ready for another title shot.