Phil Davis pulled from UFC 155


Now that Forrest Griffin has been infected with the injury virus, it looks like Phil Davis will need to find something to do until the UFC finds him another opponent.

According to MMA Weekly, Davis will be removed from the UFC 155 card and wait until Dana White and Joe Silva find a new opponent for him. “We’re going to move him to another card,” White said. Davis stepped in as a replacement once Chael Sonnen was named as a TUF coach opposite Jon Jones and had to be pulled from his fight with Griffin.

Considering that Davis is a top tier 205-er and all of the top names are tied up, it makes sense to pull him from the card rather than give him a filler opponent. He’s coming off of a submission victory at UFC 153 against Wagner Prado, after the two had a no contest at UFC on Fox 4 due to an eye poke that rendered Prado defenseless. Davis is currently 10-1 with his lone loss coming at the hands of Rashad Evans.

It’s not yet known who Davis will fight, but it is expected to happen sometime in early 2013. Meanwhile, it is possible that Chris Leben’s return fight could be moved to the main card.  

  • Chris Leben is definetly worthy of a place on the main card. He comes to bang whether he is high on oxycotin or high on new found buddhist preachings.