Michael Bisping Talks Eye Injury: I’m Devastated


Michael Bisping was looking to continue his winning ways at UFN 30, as he was slated to face Mark Munoz in a Middleweight attraction. The often outspoken Bisping had bounced back from a knock out loss to Vitor Belfort by mauling Alan Belcher at UFC 159.

The Count and The Philippino Wrecking Machine have had beef and also have similar recent records, so it seemed the right fight to make. Until an injury reared it’s ugly head. Bisping suffered a career threatening eye injury and was subsequently replaced by Lyoto Machida.

Bisping appeared on the latest instalment of the MMA Hour to discuss the injury:

“(I’m) devastated, I trained so hard for this fight. And not only that, it’s hard for the people of Manchester and the people of the U.K. to part ways with their hard-earned money to buy a ticket, so I apologize to all the fans and everybody who bought a ticket.”

Bisping’s detatched retina was apparently present during his fights against Alan Belcher and Vitor Belfort. A medical exam revealed that fact back in May, but a somewhat ‘loophole’ in the system meant that Bisping was cleared to fight with the injury.

“I was fearing the worst,” Bisping said. “I was fearing that they would say a detached retina, and possibly a career ending injury. So the stubborn old fool inside of me said, ‘I’ll do it later, I’ll do it later.’ When the injury regressed to where I literally couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, that’s when I thought, okay, that is enough.”

Since winning TUF 3, Bisping has compiled a 15-5 record. Often playing the role of villain in the lead up to fights, the brash Machunian has started to see a fan base in the USA. Not before making enemies of them all though, of course.

He has long been a force in the UFC Middleweight division, but has lost a few fights that would have led on to potential title shots. He will need to come back stronger than ever to keep pace with the ever-changing MMA/UFC landscape.

  • It was a blessing in disguise, Michael. Trust me. Your orbital bone could have been damaged.

  • This is another reason the UFC have to get serious about protecting fighters from eye pokes and design better gloves.

    • Better design how? As long as you have open fingered gloves, there will be eye pokes. If there was a better glove design to be had it would have been done by now.

  • Bad news for B*tch-ping but now we get to see Machida/Munoz, so thanks Mike!! Happy recovery!