Michael Bisping: Middleweight is more stacked than ever, but the champ isn’t defending his belt


Michael Bisping sits with a 13-4 record in the UFC, having come quite a long way since his days on The Ultimate Fighter. Now campaigning for a Middleweight title shot, he has lost to only the best fighters throughout his whole career. Perhaps this is what keeps him from reaching the top of the mountain. Set to face Vitor Belfort, Bisping has begun to make a strong case for the creation of an interim Middleweight title:

“Regarding Anderson, his last fight was at light heavyweight. His next fight is going to be at a catch-weight. When will be fight at middleweight? What if he gets injured and has to be on the sidelines? All that time will have passed. All the fighters at the top of the middleweight division are on the sidelines. We all want to be world champion some day. We work so hard and strive for it.

It’s not there if Anderson isn’t defending the title. I’m not knocking him. He’s the greatest fighter we have. But a champion needs to defend the title or he needs to vacate it. And when he comes back to middleweight, he should get an automatic shot. Or they should create an interim title. With Weidman out for six months, I don’t think (Tim) Boetsch would have beaten Weidman. I think myself and Vitor should be fighting for the interim title. Whoever wins it should defend it. We keep the division moving. The division is more stacked than it’s ever been but the champion isn’t defending the belt.” – via MMAFighting.com

Bisping is never a man to hold back his words, and has gained the ire of many an MMA fan because of that. However, he may have a point here, as Anderson Silva stated he would wait until the end of next year to fight again. The superfight with GSP speculation is still the elephant in the room as well. All of this does make it seem like the Middleweight division is on hold. Should there be the creation of an interim title to get the 185 lb. arena moving?

  • I think he is right

  • Crazy as it is, I agree

  • Anderson is my favourite fighter who still competes but unfortunately the man is truthfully holding up the division, I guess that is in some way due to all his past opponents who he has ran through. Smash that many guys in a row and you might lose motivation to defend within the division as well

    • Agreed. At this point of his nothing but stellar career, the G.O.A.T doesn't need the belt any longer. He has nothing else to prove; MMA and its fans have seen it all from him. If I were him, I'd just vacate the belt and walk away from the sport.

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  • I agree with much of what Bisping says, but Belcher is (a) head of him in the line. IMO. Belcher beats Okami = Silva / Belcher…the winner of Bisping / Belfort gets the winner of Silva / Belcher…if Silva chooses not to defend his belt by spring, either by not fighting or only taking super-fights, then Belcher, if he wins (Okami is not part of the equation, here) should fight the winner of Bisping / Belfort and Weidman should get the winner of that match-up, when he comes back. How I see it, at any rate.

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  • Usually Bisping says a lot of crazy stuff but this time he is completely right. Interim title would be awesome!

  • Once again, Bisping is right on the button. Can not agree more with him.

  • Bisbing fights dirty and cries too much Id love to see him get kod by Silva,if Hendo could do it Silvas faster longer more accurate hell be in trouble.And yeah Silva use to fight like three times a year he should do his superfight and immediatley demolish the number one contender.