Despite Injured Foot, Lyoto Machida Feels Ready For Title Shot That UFC Puts On Hold


Lyoto Machida turned away former Strikeforce and Dream champion Gegard Mousasi over five rounds at last night’s UFC Fight Night 36. The two produced a technical striking battle, one which ‘The Dragon’ was always going to take home.

The former light-heavyweight boss made it 2-0 at 185 pounds, and likely secured a title shot with the win over ‘The Dreamcatcher’. Check out what Machida had to say about the main event in Jaragua du Sol:

“The thing is, we always want to be able to get a knockout or submit our opponents, but Mousasi’s a very tough fighter,” Machida told MMAjunkie. “He’s show us he’s been a champion in the U.S. and Japan, so when you’re going against one of the top fighters, a single detail can make all the difference. So I think it was a very tough fight. I have to watch it again, but I’m sure I’m ready for the title bout.”

Title shots are often hard to pin down at the top level, and there is already speculation of Machida vs. Jacare for a title contender bout. An official source close to the situation confirmed that the UFC will actually wait for the outcome of Vitor Belfort’s attempt at the middleweight title against Chris Weidman, at UFC 173, before deciding on the next contender, stating “we still have a fight that has to be done, so we need to wait for that fight to happen”

In my opinion, that result doesn’t really make a difference. Machida has earned his shot at the belt and should fight either Weidman or ‘The Phenom’ in a title affair. Machida continued:

“[My foot] is slightly swollen; it’s difficult to step,” Machida said. “I don’t know if I, in fact, broke my foot or not. I have to get an X-ray, but I’m trying to protect it as best as possible, putting a lot of ice on it. I have a boot on, but it’s hurting me.”

Machida once again displayed excellent precision with his high kicks, but appears to have caught an injury for his efforts. Whether or not ‘The Dragon’ will get the title shot he hopes for is yet to be seen, but it looks like he is ready to do so. Perhaps the UFC is anticipating the return of Anderson Silva after his nasty leg injury?

  • I saw Machida kick Mousasi in the knee once actually and then he stepped awkwardly after it although I felt I thought he was hurt at first his composure made me believe he was okay. He deserves a title shot, he is outclassing his opponents and I have heard that him and Anderson have worked Belfort in the gym. Also stylistically he's a the toughest match for Weidman.

    • I saw that too. He probably took a step back, remembered Silva's injury, and said, "That could've been a lot worse."

    • Anyone who runs from you is a tough match. Shogun showed the blue print for taking out Machida. He was able to corner him and drop bombs. I wish Rua was always in shape and injury free, he could still be a force.